YA Ebook Group Giveaway

YA Ebook Group Giveaway

At instaFreebie, we understand how hard our authors work to connect with their readers and build audiences through giveaways. So we get really excited when we see our authors working together to create amazing group giveaways like this collection of 10 young adult ebooks from 10 wonderful authors!

Brighten up your Tuesday with these free reads from Jennifer Malone Wright, Lila Felix, Sarah M. Cradit, J.N. Chaney, Sarah Negovetich, Christina Mercer, Amy Richie, Felicia Tatum, S.M. Boyce, and Alexia Purdy!

Download your free copies of these Young Adult ebooks before the giveaways end on May 30th at midnight!


Appreciate the freebies? Let our authors know in the comments! And check out more Teen and Young Adult giveaways here!

Authors! Want to be involved in your own group giveaway? Join our Goodreads group to connect with other authors who feel the same way!

8 thoughts on “YA Ebook Group Giveaway

  1. I have not received any of the books I have asked for from Instafreebie for several weeks, including books direct from the Author with an authorisation code.

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