Top 3 Steamy Romance Giveaways on instaFreebie

Top 3 Steamy Romance Giveaways on instaFreebie

At instaFreebie, we understand how hard our authors work to connect with their readers and build audiences through giveaways. So we’re celebrating their successes with lists of our most downloaded, on-going giveaways in our most popular genres. This week’s focus is on steamy romance ebooks in three different genres! Check out our top 3 below, and use the links to download them now!

Shifter Romance

Wild by Eliza Gayle


Fueled by desire, driven by rage. This mating season won’t go down easy.

Faith is on the cusp of having it all. She made it through the last of her college finals and is looking forward to starting her career. If only her twin would answer her damned phone. After three days of no word, she’s forced to drive to Devils Point and search for her. As her luck goes, things go south the minute she hits creepy island. Starting with a wolf attack that lands her in hot water with her sister’s bad ass boss.

Damien just wants to get through Mating Season and get back to normal. His would be mate is not at all what he expected and not exactly his type. Not to mention off limits. Until she shows up smelling like another wolf. Now all bets are off and this Alpha will do anything to protect her–including claim her.

Rock Star Romance

The Rock Star’s Gulf Coast Girl by Lisa Gillis


Is the cure for a breakup a hookup?

Marissa Duplei has one mission. Pick herself up, dust the ex off, and get dirty with someone else. However, sexy, inked-up, metal-musician Jack Storm is not the average girl’s revenge fling.

A tour bus bang.
A one night stand gone awry.
A secret to keep at all costs.

Could it all lead to love?

Eye of the Storms (Book 1)

♪♫ Marissa ♫♪

Looking back, everything about that day was a perfect storm.

My bestfriend’s score of two VIP passes the day before the Hang Fest. A giant hurricane with a generous shot of alcohol. A sexy metal musician who was opposite of my cheating fiancé in every way.

Those inked-up muscled arms holding a tiny puppy protectively to his bare chest told me there was more to him than met the eye.

I had to know more.

I’ve always been practical. I know I wouldn’t have seen him again if I hadn’t rolled out of bed and stepped into the shower.


That shower was the beginning of us.

The point where we became more than a chance possibility. The part never told in countless interviews.

I’m Marissa, and Jack may jump in. Here’s our story…

Royal Romance

Command Me by Geneva Lee


When he kissed me, I was shocked. He was a stranger and still so familiar. It wasn’t until I woke up to my picture splashed on the cover of tabloids that I realized I knew who he was.

Prince Alexander of Cambridge.

Royal bad boy.

Exiled heir to the throne.

He isn’t Prince Charming. He’s controlling. He’s demanding. He’s dangerous. And I can’t say no to him.

We both have secrets—secrets that could tear us apart or drive us closer together—and as the paparazzi exposes each one, I have to decide just how far I’m willing to go for King and Country.

For readers 18 and up due to mature, erotic scenarios.

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28 thoughts on “Top 3 Steamy Romance Giveaways on instaFreebie

  1. I have a Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet. I have a hard time downloading your books. It downloads but then I can’t open it up. I don’t what to do.

  2. Thank you so much for these freebies.
    It’s always exciting to try new books, & often books that I haven’t heard of before. It’s a great way to find a new series to read, that I may never have seen . The first book in a new series will help me to know if I enjoy the book, & want to buy the next book.
    Sometimes it’s new authors that I come across which is great , & can open up a whole new range of books that I now want to read. Other times it may be an author that I know & really enjoy their books, & this shows me a new range of books that I havn’t seen before, & know straight away that I will love.
    As a disabled person that can’t leave the house alone, & have to spend lots of time in bed, this can really help, & also can lift my mood when I’m in a lot of pain . So thanks to instaFreebie, & also all the authors involved .

  3. I, too, am mostly housebound, and live to read and sometimes do craft stuff (when I can), and the world of books, especially my Kindle app has made so much more available to me. The freebie books make it much more affordable, and I can risk trying new authors and new series more often. Now I am aware of how many wonderful “new” authors there are out there, writing good stuff, just hoping to get recognized and become a “name brand.” I used to think that all the “good” writers like Agatha Christie and Isaac Asimov had died, but now I realize there is always a new crop coming, and amongst them are a few superstars, shining so brightly against the rest of the writers. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t good–they just aren’t as good as those few that gleam so brightly….

  4. Thankyou for the freebies program it allows people like me, who are on a limited in come, and who can’t get out and about. To sample books that we otherwise might not have tried due to lack of funds. I am in a nursing home and have an extremely limited in come. Unless you’ve ever had to live on a 100.00$ a month( in my case )you can’t understand how hard it can be to find new authors to read, and reading is one of the only escapes from our daily grind. Thankyou again for your time and efforts on our behalf. You are appreciated

  5. Hi!

    I love, Love, LOVE getting free books because it helps me find new authors to love & stalk! 🙂 I am a paranormal girl through & through, but also like to shake it up every now & then too!

    Thank you for giving me some great new reads!

    Cheers! xoxo

  6. Thank you for these freebies, it’s always nice to try new authors. I look forward to reading them. I just need to decide what order!

  7. I really enjoy free books and reading new author’s but it would be so helpful if there was a symbol or notation that a book has a cliffhanger. I have read so many books with unexpected cliffhangers that I am a real witch now and even if the book was well written and I enjoyed the story I refuse to buy or even download for free a book by that author again. So it would help people like me to have some way to know there is a cliffhanger. Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for the free books. Becoming a part of Instafreebie had allowed me to read some great Books by some really great authors.

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