See It First: Z. V. Hunter, Michael D. Young, and Luke. R. Mitchell

See It First: Z. V. Hunter, Michael D. Young, and Luke. R. Mitchell

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Exclusive Path of Shadows by Z. V. Hunter

Path of Shadows by Z. V. Hunter

Dead bodies don’t scare me. They can’t curse me, lunge at me or do anything but rot and stink. It’s their spirits that are the problem.

I’m Yukine Nox, an initiate Shrine Maiden with the unfortunate ability to see ghosts and demons from the Spirit World. In order to take these monsters down, I need a special weapon–a weapon that’s dangerous to create. When the ritual goes wrong, I end up trapped in the Spirit World with nothing but my own magic to guide me. Too bad said magic also erodes my soul.

Not to mention the supernatural monsters trying to kill me. Things can’t get much worse. Until I stumble upon a demon trapped in a stone. If I help him, he’ll help me, but how can I trust what I was raised to hunt?


Crude Magic by Michael D. Young

Crude Magic by Michael D. Young

From the world of The Hunger, “Crude Magic” is a short story about Meckule, a mage nobleman who needs to be the first to harvest a magical fossil from deep in the earth to prevent a war but can’t figure out how to do it in time. He has built his empire on harvesting the remains of ancient creatures, which his companies then process to create the materials needed for people everywhere to use magic, but times are changing and his failure could mean death to his entire industry. To complicate matters, he is being blackmailed by a shadowy third party who leaves cryptic notes affixed by daggers to his desk, causing him to push up his timetable even further.


Soldier of Charity by Luke. R. Mitchell

Soldier of Charity by Luke. R. Mitchell

A powerful weapon. A ruined world. A militia leader who wants to control them both.

It’s been 6 years since the bombs fell. Jarek’s managed to survive thanks to a one-of-a-kind exosuit, a cheeky AI companion, and a healthy knack for keeping his head down. Then he meets her.

When Jarek reveals the power of his suit to save a life, it isn’t long before a well-meaning militia boss shows up looking to recruit. But in a ruined world, what’s really worth fighting for?

If he doesn’t decide, someone will for him. And he might not like where those decisions lead.

No one ever said growing up in the apocalypse was easy…

SOLDIER OF CHARITY is a prequel novella to the Harvesters Series, an alien invasion adventure set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Think HALO meets DRESDEN FILES, with STAR WARS flavored sprinkles. Fans of Michael Anderle, Lindsay Buroker, and Chris Fox will love this series for its “fast-paced adventure,” “compelling characters,” and “wonderfully wise-cracking dialogue.”

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10 thoughts on “See It First: Z. V. Hunter, Michael D. Young, and Luke. R. Mitchell

  1. I would like to thank Instafreebie for making these authors available to us as well as the authors themselves
    I also like the improvements Instafreebie has made regarding “blurbs” on each book. This lets me know if the book is one I might like.
    Something I have found is when a “group” offers specials, THAT is when I get spammed. Not necessarily the authors themselves, but actual spam in my inbox or spam filter. So, even though I might see a book I would like to read, if it comes from a group, I pass it by.
    Also, a pet peeve is to purchase (or free) one book I would like to read from a group only to find 49 other authors have added me to their list! If it wasn’t for this fact, I might return to check out more books!
    So, THANK YOU, Instafreebie!

  2. I would like to post agreement with Kay (the post above) about receiving literally hundreds of author’s mailings after I either buy or get a free book. Most of the names I don’t recognize. I can speed read, and I can’t keep up with the authors, much less read all of the works coming at me. I know the authors need to write, and need to have contact with readers and they need reviews, but I don’t want to have to speed read; I want the option to read at a ‘normal’ rate so I can savor a really good book. Please consider, all of you, that Kay and I will tell y’all this, but most people will just quit even looking at these author’s books, and also perhaps quit Book Bub and similar postings. That would be a read shame for everyone.

    1. Hi Kay and Terry, Thank you so much for being such awesome and dedicated members of the Instafreebie community. We really appreciate your feedback! I just wanted to clarify that when you claim a book from Instafreebie, the claim page tells you what mailing lists you are signing up for. Instafreebie does not and will not share your email with anyone without your knowledge. You should never be subscribed to more mailing lists than you have signed up for when claiming a book. If that ever happens on an Instafreebie hosted Group Giveaway, please email to let us know, as it goes against our best practices. We works hard to ensure authors on Instafreebie follow those best practices so that our readers have a great experience with our site!

      Thank you again for your feedback!

  3. I so much appreciate the free books, but I have one serious complaint. As of late, it seems more than a rare book has no name, no cover, no nothing, when I put it on my kindle. What I get is ‘unknown’ by unknown or Rchfr thstrs2 by cdy


    I’m deleting these books without opening them. If you can take the time to write it, you should be able to take the time to at least put something with the name of the book!

    1. Hi Zee,
      Sorry to hear that you are having more issues with books formatting recently. We do encourage authors to upload a book cover with their book but there can be issues with the metadata. If you email us at with the names of the books you are having issues with, we can contact authors to let them know.

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