See It First: Z. A. Coe, Joslyn Chase, and Jason LaVelle

See It First: Z. A. Coe, Joslyn Chase, and Jason LaVelle

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Weakness by Z. A. Coe

Weakness by Z. A. Coe

“If you’re too weak to live, then you deserve to die.”

For twenty years Felix Black has lived under the thumb of the man who killed his parents. Impressed into the brutally austere lifestyle of the murderous criminal group CO9 when he was just a child, Felix has learned how to survive on meager rations and impossibly demanding training.

Despite this, Avery, his kidnapper, continues to call him weak. Chafing under Avery’s taunting mantra that the weak deserve to be punished, Felix finally resolves to prove once and for all that he is stronger than everyone believes—but can he handle the shattering consequences?


Tickling The Tiger & Song of The Gondolier by Joslyn Chase

Tickling The Tiger & Song of The Gondolier by Joslyn Chase

Another captivating pair of mystery and suspense stories from prize-winning author Joslyn Chase.

Tickling The Tiger
A young doctor, part of an elite medical task force, sets a course for adventure in Bangladesh, where she faces the harsh realities of a killer disease.

And the human element aiding and abetting it.

Virulent germs, natural disaster, and the murder of a Hindu priest combine to make Dr. Elizabeth Mason’s first tour of duty more than she bargained for.

But just what she needs.

Song of The Gondolier
He spends his days in breathtaking vistas, charming wealthy passengers with his songs and collecting fat tips.

Until the bottom fell out of his world.

Hold on tight for this backwards-told-tale of a nice man in a nasty position and how his life hangs—literally—in the balance


Exclusive Preview Keep Rolling by Jason LaVelle

Keep Rolling by Jason LaVelle

It started with a dead monkey. Kendra thought she was on the fast track to a huge cash prize that would change her life. All she had to do was survive the jungle, but the jungle had other ideas.


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  1. It’s really exciting to see Weakness featured. Thanks, Prolific Works!

    And thanks to everyone who’s reading Weakness. I hope you like it and I’d love to hear what you think of it. Feel free to e-mail me at zacoe (at) coewriting (dot) com or contact me through my website:

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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