See It First: W.C. Hoffman, Matthew Buza, and Ann S. Marie

See It First: W.C. Hoffman, Matthew Buza, and Ann S. Marie

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One Step Ahead by W.C. Hoffman

One Step Ahead by W.C. Hoffman

Would you help a criminal, to save yourself?

Fresh off the exposé of an organized crime syndicate, an award winning investigative reporter lives in fear for his life. Relocating to Detroit under a new government issued identity, Nathan Davies finds himself dealing with the underbelly of American society once again.

America’s most notorious thief, Zachary Landon, thrives upon the wealthy residents of the Motor City. Only targeting those who oppress the weak, Landon has become known as a modern day Robin of the Hood.

Davies quickly becomes enamored with the legend of Landon and soon his desire to learn more pushes aside the fear that has kept him alive. After a chance meeting, a bond begins to form and Nathan finds that Zachary Landon truly deserves to be glorified, not persecuted.


Alone in the Darkness by Matthew Buza

Alone in the Darkness by Matthew Buza

A routine night in an ordinary city becomes a race against time to save an innocent girl from the underbelly of society. Low level drug dealer Steven Pfeffer is in trouble. He’s desperate to pay off a debt and he’s out of options. Bartender Jennifer Lang is looking for a fresh start in a new city. A chance encounter brings them together and starts a cataclysmic chain of events that uncovers the horror beneath the surface. Steven’s decisions lead them both down a path that neither may return from. Will they survive the night or will the darkness consume them?

Cozy Mystery

Strawberry Meringue Cupcake & Murder by Ann S. Marie

Strawberry Meringue Cupcake & Murder by Ann S. Marie

Murder strikes again in the small town of Berry Cove. Dana Sweet, part time mystery riddles blogger who has inherited the Cozy Cupcakes Café from her late grandmother, is once again drawn into a strange murder with a bizarre twist.

Chrissy, the gossiping beautician at Bea’s Salon, is found dead in her bathtub with a half-eaten Strawberry Meringue Cupcake in her hand. Was it suicide? An accident? Or Murder? Dana needs to find out soon before the reputation of the Cozy Cupcakes Café is tarnished forever.


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