See It First: Virginia Ripple, Pamela Stewart, and Christopher Mitchell

See It First: Virginia Ripple, Pamela Stewart, and Christopher Mitchell

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Christian Fantasy

Treasure of the Malkin by Virginia Ripple

Treasure of the Malkin by Virginia Ripple

Can a time-traveling feline stop an ignorant young mage from bringing hell and damnation to the 21st century?
A time-traveling cat trapped in the 21st century thinks getting his paws on a magical artifact guaranteed to bring him home will be a cinch until its snatched away by the unexpected–a young, untrained mage. It’s a race against time as Henry and Liz try to negotiate their rocky friendship while trying to locate the teenager before she succumbs to the hidden evils of the relic and turns the world into hell on Earth.

Science Fiction

Preview Frozen Hearts by Pamela Stewart

Frozen Hearts by Pamela Stewart

South Pole Station, Antarctica aka Frozen Hell aka the Butt Crack of the World. Seventeen-year-old Ionia Sonberg longs to be free of her bland, boring, stuck-on-blah life. With her sexy, companion droid, Den, she stows away on a cargo plane to find her destiny. But just as she reaches her destination, a terrorist attack forces Ionia to choose between freedom and family loyalty. Together they must travel over Earth’s harshest terrain to uncover a secret that may save or destroy them both.

Epic Fantasy

From the Ashes by Christopher Mitchell

From the Ashes by Christopher Mitchell

Revenge is sweet…
…but whisky tastes better

The lands of Kellach Brigdomin lie devastated and broken. The survivors cower for safety in the mountains. The mighty Rahain army occupies the fertile lowlands, stripping the land of its resources and enslaving its inhabitants.
Keira, last of the fire mages, is all that stands between the Rahain and complete victory. Cocky, reckless, and reeling from the loss of her brother, she has no desire to be responsible for the safety of anyone.
As the enemy closes in, will she stand fast in defence of her people? Or will her thirst for vengeance turn all she has to ash?

The Kellach Brigdomin need a hero, and Keira is the chosen one.
If she can remain sober for long enough…


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