See It First: Veronica Sicoe, Nick Wisseman, and Will Madden

See It First: Veronica Sicoe, Nick Wisseman, and Will Madden

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Alien Invasion

The Deep Link by Veronica Sicoe

The Deep Link by Veronica Sicoe

Taryn Harber knows humanity must someday join the rest of galactic society. But the xenophobic TMC prohibits all contact.

When a resistance cell calls on her for a dangerous first-contact mission, Taryn leaps at the chance.

But her dream of making a powerful ally against the TMC turns into a nightmare. Taryn finds herself mentally linked to the ruthless warlord Amharr, and all chances of peaceful contact are lost.

As she fights to regain her freedom, the Link starts changing Taryn from within. She is transformed into a living weapon, something she cannot control by herself. Something even her own people would kill to possess.

Soon, Taryn must fight for much more than her life, and Amharr, who had no regard for another’s life before, has become her last hope.

Time Travel

Revisions by Nick Wisseman

Revisions by Nick Wisseman

After a sudden car accident, Blake opens his eyes and sees nothing but darkness and scrolling text: “The fact that you’re reading this means you’re a) literate, and b) dead. Congratulations. You’ve met both preconditions.” Before he can read much more, Blake is transported to 1905 Russia, where he’s killed (again) moments after arriving.

Over the next several days, the pattern repeats itself twice more as Blake’s tossed into first century B.C. Rome and then 1941 Hawaii (just before Pearl Harbor). In between these visits – and the deaths that violently end each one – Blake tries to learn the truth about what’s happening to him from his cryptic new mentor, Galen.

“Revisions” first appeared in Battered Suitcase, volume 1, issue 4, September 2008.

Superhero Sci-Fi

Preview Sky Joust by Will Madden

Sky Joust by Will Madden

Evil-doers, get out your hankies: a new superhero will make you weep like infants!

For generations, Dodoville has suffered at the hands of brutal gang lords. Fortunately, Victor Cumin, son of a news media mogul, has developed the skills and technology to undermine their authority. Armed with his electrified quarterstaff, he breaks gangsters until they cry – then posts the blubbering to YouTube! This humiliation tactic has earned him a nickname: the Purple Onion.

But wait! Ancient enemies have returned. An elite order of rogue knights, using sophisticated new lancing weapons and mechanically enhanced horses, have sworn to reclaim their honor from the city that drove them out centuries ago.

Can the Purple Onion make them cry for mommy?


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  1. Sky Joust had no cover image and the title was incorrect. Is that PW or Will Madden’s fault?

    I’ve edited the epub so it is now correct, but this is not the first time such errors have been missed.

    1. Hi Ken, Sky Joust is just a preview; I’ve updated this labeling to the blog. I apologize for this mix up! I’ve downloaded the PDF, epub and mobi versions of this book and they accurately reflect the title of the book and its content! Please email us at if you have any further questions.

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