See It First: V. B. Marlowe, Krista Street, and Kat Halstead

See It First: V. B. Marlowe, Krista Street, and Kat Halstead

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Paranormal Fantasy

A Girl Called Dust by V. B. Marlow

A Girl Called Dust by V. B. Marlowe

Arden Moss is used to being invisible. The kids at her high school call her Dust—something that no one pays attention to, something that doesn’t matter. Then one impossible moment changes her life. When a boy named Fletcher gets hit by a speeding bus, she runs to help him, only to discover that he’s unscathed. He tells her it’s because he’s not entirely human… just like her.

Science Fiction

Preview Compound 26 by Krista Street

Compound 26 by Krista Street

A deadly virus. A brilliant, young researcher. And an infected survivor who threatens to steal her heart.

In a society ruled by sanctions and curfews, Dr. Meghan Forester emerges as the youngest and most promising scientist to join the fight against Makanza – the deadly virus that’s ravaged the world.

Inside Compound 26, a giant government-controlled research facility, Meghan’s new job involves studying the Kazzies, the rare survivors who carry the virus and now exhibit supernatural powers. But as her work enfolds, Meghan’s horrified at the brutal and unethical practices the Kazzies are subjected to.

And most surprisingly, she falls in love with one.

Faced with growing conflict over helping the Kazzies versus following the Compound’s strict policies, Meghan must choose: obey the government’s unethical practices or risk everything to save the only man she’s ever loved.

Contemporary Romance

Exclusive What Happened in Paris by Kat Halstead

What Happened in Paris by Kat Halstead

Caitlin thought going to Paris would mean she could escape a summer with Joel, but fate has another plan and they have to accept the rules they create to make it through the next six weeks together.


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  1. I appreciate your authors having your give-away. I have enjoyed many books that I would not have been able to get if they weren’t free.

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