See it First: Tess Thompson, Lily Zante, and Kay Simone

See it First: Tess Thompson, Lily Zante, and Kay Simone

We know Prolific Works readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog the best way for you to see it first every day! It’s Monday, and we’re starting off the week with the latest and greatest from our top romance genres!

Contemporary Romance

Riversong By Tess Thompson

Riversong by Tess Thompson

In an effort to survive an unthinkable predicament, a city girl returns to her small-town roots in this suspense-filled, tissues-required romance by USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson.

In the wake of her husband’s tragic death, Lee is pregnant and one million dollars in debt to a dangerous loan shark willing to do anything to collect. Out of money and options, Lee seeks refuge in the small Oregon town where her mother’s dilapidated home sits vacant, as desperate for a fresh start as Lee herself.

With a baby on the way and a living to make, Lee opens a restaurant and begins to rebuild her life. But just as she catches her breath, and the eye of a local musician offering a second chance at love, she finds herself right back in the clutches of the debt collector with more to lose than ever.

Romantic Comedy

The Proposal by Lily Zante

The Proposal by Lily Zante



One high-flying career woman

One sexy, struggling artist


When Nadine needs a partner for her company’s annual marketing convention, hiring the stripper she met at her sister’s bachelorette party seems the ideal solution.

But Ethan Adams is something else. Not only is he five years younger than her, and as sexy as sin, he seems like her exact opposite. She likes to work hard, he likes to work out.
She sets goals and milestones, he sets hearts on fire.

But Nadine only needs him for one weekend.
Just one weekend, for an overnight stay at a hotel.

What could possibly go wrong?

LGBT Romance

The Hustler by Kay Simone

The Hustler by Kay Simone

A perfect hustle has two requirements: don’t let the mark know how good you are, and make sure the payoff is worth the stakes.

“You play pool?” Daniel asks the stranger, eyeing him. 

Daniel is looking for an anonymous night of fun in the big city, an hour away from his tiny hometown. He wants to celebrate the final weekend of the summer with a few drinks and some friendly conversation – nothing more.

“Uh, yeah. I do,” the man says in a clipped, cocky way. “Do you play pool?”

But when an intriguing stranger starts flirting with Daniel, he finds himself desperate not to lose the man’s attention. The man is smooth, older, and funny — dark and handsome with a physical presence that has Daniel’s blood running hot. Without thinking about it, Daniel starts hustling him.

“A little,” Daniel lies. “You up for a game?”

“You’re damned right I am.”

What starts as a simple con for a few bucks changes as their chemistry crackles. Daniel wants this tattooed stranger, the young hustler is about to make the bet of a lifetime.


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