See It First: Stuart Jaffe, Lisette Kristensen, and George Saoulidis

See It First: Stuart Jaffe, Lisette Kristensen, and George Saoulidis

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Paranormal Mystery

Southern Bound by Stuart Jaffe

Southern Bound by Stuart Jaffe

When Max Porter discovers his office is haunted by the ghost of a 1940s detective, he does the only sensible thing … he starts a detective agency!

Thrust neck-deep into a world of old mysteries and dangerous enemies, he will face ghosts, witches, and curses. He will discover a world in which survival might be the easiest challenge. And he will do anything necessary to keep his wife and his life from falling away.

Real history meets the paranormal in this thrilling, suspenseful series!

Suspenseful Thriller

The Lost Gecko by Lisette Kristensen

The Lost Gecko by Lisette Kristensen

Pierce Fox was on the most mysterious hunt of his career. A simple tattoo, a gecko, was his only lead. She vanished off a cruise ship and rumors swirled through the Caribbean that she was in the sex slave.

His determination to find her, turned into an obsession that gnawed at his heart and the darkest reaches of his lust.

Which would prevail, in the steamy and lurid romance?

Mysterious Crime

Exclusive Missing by Ann Jones

Missing by Ann Jones

Victim? Runaway? Or Criminal?
Detective Lyn Kramer is busy training Jud Hughes, a new detective on the force, when Gary Farnsworth shows up to report his wife missing. As the interview progresses, Lyn realizes the missing woman is none other than her own twin sister, Melissa. Lyn and Melissa have not seen each other since their parents died twenty-five years ago, when the girls were split up to live with two sets of warring grandparents. Lyn and Jud find mutual respect and a growing camaraderie as the investigation into Melissa’s disappearance deepens. Tensions reach a peak when the two detectives discover a trail of crimes linked to the missing woman’s family. Will Melissa be found? And if so, will Lyn have it in her to put her twin sister behind bars?


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