See It First: Shari Tapscott, Melissa Pearl, and F. F. John

See It First: Shari Tapscott, Melissa Pearl, and F. F. John

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Fire and Feathers by Shari Tapscott

Fire and Feathers by Shari Tapscott

After spending the last nineteen years in the illustrious chicken farming business, Lucia decides to leave her family’s farm behind and sets out to make her fortune. Unfortunately, no one has faith in her skills as a scout—an adventuress by trade—especially her longtime friend, Sebastian.

To convince the doubters she has what it takes, Lucia knows she must find something amazing. Something rare. Something so valuable, no one will be able to deny she has the prowess required to be one of the greats. Something like a phoenix’s feather.

Too bad she might be tracking the wrong beast…

Paranormal Romance

Golden Blood by Melissa Pearl

Golden Blood by Melissa Pearl

She was born with a secret.

She swore to never reveal it.

But will love test that oath?

Gemma is a time spirit. She can travel through history in a blink. What if people knew her powers? Would they try to abuse her gift?

Life as a high school loner isn’t so bad. But will Harrison change all of that? He seems to like her and falling for him is impossible to resist, but can she keep her secret?

Breaking her oath will have dire consequences.

You’ll love Golden Blood, because it’s filled with fast-paced action, mystery and a forbidden love that breaks all the rules.

Science Fiction

Exclusive Preview The Paladin by F. F. John

The Paladin by F. F. John

The Pursual came to a tragic end and despite her schemes, Neith didn’t get what she wanted. Invier is halfway across the world, running for his life and her family’s position, their very existence, is at risk as ruthless rivals circle, waiting for one misstep.

Continue Neith and Invier’s journey in THE PALADIN, the action-packed second book of The Nome Chronicles, a young adult dystopian series.


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