See It First: Scott Woodley, Amy McNulty, and Gracie Wilson

See It First: Scott Woodley, Amy McNulty, and Gracie Wilson

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Epic Fantasy

Exclusive Waterborn by Scott Woodley

Waterborn by Scott Woodley

To rise into the old blood in the northern kingdom is considered a sacred blessing. In the South, however, it’s punishable by death. There, at the edge of the great southern sea, an orphaned girl learns the secrets of her past as she discovers the creatures that will come to inhabit her own blood. Sent to protect her is the North’s greatest soldier, who will be forced to use all she’s learned as she sets herself against an ambitious king intent on ensnaring them both in his dangerous web.

A fast-paced companion novella in the Bloodline epic fantasy series, Waterborn will appeal to readers of Terry Brooks, Jeff Wheeler, Patrick Rothfuss, and Sarah J. Maas.

Paranormal Historical Fiction

Tresses & Erubescence by Amy McNulty

Tresses & Erubescence by Amy McNulty

After a fire took her family from her, Zelda had no one to turn to-no one but Leopold, the sweetheart whose father never approved of her impoverished family. The two teens run away together, only to find the world on the brink of World War II a cold and unforgiving place. Ensnared by promises of immortality, they move into the attic of an opulent home owned by a charismatic vampire. One by one, the teens they meet there join the undead until at last there’s only Zelda left, a girl with long, long hair trapped in an attic, the radio her only companion.

Loosely inspired by Rapunzel.

Contemporary Romance

Beautifully Imagined by Gracie Wilson

Beautifully Imagined by Gracie Wilson

Love, life, lies.

Playing the game of imagining is a dangerous one. It can leave you paralyzed by all the possibilities. Not knowing what could be because you are scared to dream.

When my life finally all came together, I thought I’d imagined every outcome.
I dreamed of the ocean. The waves. But most of all the shore. Covered in sand or snow. It haunted me every night but in the most wonderful of ways. Until that night.

It was absolutely heartbreaking.
Sinking below. Deeper and deeper until you hit the ocean floor. Never to touch the shore again.

Sometimes taking a risk is the only way to break the surface. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to end well.

You can’t even imagine.
Trust me, I should know.


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  1. Free is good, but Free Books is even Better! I’ve always liked to read and the books you write are just the exact kind I love to sit down and not get up till its finished. If there is a 2nd or 3rd book Ih it’s even better. Thank you so very much for the free book. My kindle and I thank you as does my husband, who reads everything I upload to my kindle. Thank you.

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