See It First: Sara Lunsford, Peter Bartram, and Mark Duff

See It First: Sara Lunsford, Peter Bartram, and Mark Duff

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Psychological Thriller

Exclusive Preview Tooth and Nail by Sara Lunsford

Tooth and Nail by Sara Lunsford

“The Vigilante” was my case. He killed killers. Rapists. Drug-dealing scum. All the ugly crumbs that fell through the cracks of willfully blind justice. I spent five years hunting him until I realized I didn’t really want to catch him. So I walked away—from the case, from my failure, from my big-city life in Detroit to start over with my husband in Merryn, Kansas.

My devils came with me. Bodies matching his M.O. were found in a cold storage unit wrapped up in macabre tribute—each victim with some tie to me. He won’t let me go, won’t let me run. There’s part of me that doesn’t want him to. It’s the same part that wonders if his way might be the only way. At least as far as my husband is concerned. I found Jacob’s Altoids tin in our fire pit—it was full of human teeth. Trophies from the women he raped. He’s a special investigator for the KBI, assigned to the task force that’s supposed to be hunting this master predator. He’ll never be caught unless someone takes matters into their own hands. When he’s sleeping soundly, so trusting next to me in the dark, I tell myself I’m a good cop. I’m no Vigilante.

But I’ve been wrong before.

Cozy Mystery

Murder from the Newsdesk by Peter Bartram

Murder from the Newsdesk by Peter Bartram

Seven Crampton of the Chronicle mystery stories:

Join Colin Crampton, ace crime reporter on the Evening Chronicle in 1960s Brighton, in seven more cozy crime mysteries.

The Mystery of the African Charity: Amateur sleuth Colin discovers greed – and a murder mystery – behind what looks like a good deed.

The Mystery of the Two Suitcases: Colin interrupts a romantic Valentine’s date with girlfriend Shirley Goldsmith to unravel a case where love will find a way.

The Mystery of the Single Red Sock: Colin’s act of heroism plunges him into the hunt for one of the most violent criminals he’s ever confronted.

The Mystery at the Beauregard Hotel: Colin investigates when two guests disappear unexpectedly in this humorous crime mystery.

The Mystery of the Precious Princess: Colin finds that it’s not only a dog’s life for the canines up at the Greyhound Racing stadium.

The Mystery of the Clothes on the Beach: in another cozy crime story, a local fisherman helps Colin land a surprising catch.

The Mystery of the Phantom Santa: Colin uncovers more than he bargained for when he goes in search of a front-page crime story with a Christmas theme.

This book of cozy mystery stories will keep you smiling to the very last page.

Crime Thriller

Trapped by Mark Duff

Trapped by Mark Duff

Guiseppe Donadoni had crafted a perfect casino robbery but all his men could bring back were bags full of white paper. Word travels fast in New York City especially when Guiseppe men’s are after your blood. Rumour or fact – they are said to make the deaf hear and talk and the blind see, with their methods of torture. It didn’t take Guiseppe long to work out that a New York City pizza store owner had ruined his well-planned big cash scoop. But with FBI at large and a big list of charges against Guiseppe, he had no other choice to get out of the US.

But why did it take Guiseppe and his merry men fail to nab Peter the pizza man and who is now holding on to the huge $20million that got stolen from the Casino.


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