See It First: Sam Elswit, JM Lawler, and Eve Langlais

See It First: Sam Elswit, JM Lawler, and Eve Langlais

We know Instafreebie readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog the best way for you to see it first every day! It’s Monday, and we’re starting off the week with the latest and greatest from our top romance genres!

LGBT Romance

Exclusive Fair Catch by Sam Elswit

Fair Catch by Sam Elswit

Michael Dwyer has it all. He’s good-looking, tall, popular, and is one of the best football players his small Minnesota hometown has ever seen. He’s being courted by the NFL draft out of college. Michael also has a deep, dark secret that could endanger his life and career: he’s gay. And the man of his dreams turns out to be his teammate and rival quarterback, Terrence Richmond. Will Michael survive his bid to become an NFL star and get out of his hometown, or will the pros discover his secret and tear him apart?

Erotic Romance

The River and the Ravages by JM Lawler

The River and the Ravages by JM Lawler

Aaliya Reiner is made of strong stuff. But when her mother passes on, she seems to lose her grip on life. Things don’t seem to get better with her sister, Maddalena, who’s estranged and enjoying the benefits that come in a marriage of power and opulence.

Aaliya takes refuge in a passionate and hidden love affair, hoping to fill the void left by her mother’s death.

But desire can be deadly and the Kingdom of Traegos is becoming a dangerous place. When the dark web of politics and power begins to ensnare the kingdom’s inhabitants, choice and chance collide leaving Aaliya with only one option left to survive.

The River and the Ravages is a story about loyalty to oneself, one’s family and one’s history, and how sometimes, certain kinds of loyalty can do more harm than good.

Paranormal Romance

Preview When A Lioness Pounces by Eve Langlais

When A Lioness Pounces by Eve Langlais

There’s a new guy in town, a mysterious and domineering man with secrets.

Reba likes secrets. Reba especially loves swatting at them until they spill their guts—sometimes quite literally.

But Gaston isn’t swayed by her sensual allure.
This slick club owner is very much intrigued by the cocoa-skinned beauty, but he doesn’t dare show too much interest lest his enemies notice.

As if Reba cares about danger. This lioness thrives on action and a bit of violence, and she knows how to do it with class. She’s ready to strap on her heels, gloss her lips, and go to battle.

Watch out because, once she’s got you in her sights, she’s not afraid to pounce. Meow!


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