See It First: Roxanne Rhoads, Stephanie Draven, and KJ Dell’Antonia

See It First: Roxanne Rhoads, Stephanie Draven, and KJ Dell’Antonia

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Bewitching Brews and Devilish Desserts by Roxanne Rhoads

Bewitching Brews and Devilish Desserts: A Collection of Cocktail and Dessert Recipes by Roxanne Rhoads

Stir up a little magic from our cauldron full of cocktails and desserts.

The authors of Bewitching Book Tours conjured a collection of delicious potions inspired by their books and characters.

Grab your wand (or spoon) and cast one of these spellbinding recipes today.

Edited by Roxanne Rhoads featuring recipes from Bewitching Book Tours’ Authors Sharon Bayliss, Ami Blackwelder, Cassandra Lawson, Susannah Sandlin, Cherrie Mack, Maggie Mundy, Suzanne Johnson, Katalina Leon, Kay Dee Royal, Sophie Avett, Elizabeth Loraine, G.L. Ross, T.W. Kirchner, and Roxanne Rhoads

Writing Techniques

Plot Your Book in a Month…with Scrivener by Stephanie Draven

Plot Your Book in a Month...with Scrivener by Stephanie Draven

Learn to use inexpensive but powerful tools to improve your writing, organize your plot, and take your writing career to the next level.

This book will give you twenty step-by-step lessons and assignments that will help you plot your book in a month using one of the most popular writing suites on the planet.

Note: This is not a technical tutorial, but an explanation of techniques used to make the most of the software. Ownership and basic knowledge of the Scrivener Application is required. The book assumes you’ll start on a Monday and take weekends off.


Is It the Homework, or Is It Your Kid? by KJ Dell’Antonia

Is It the Homework, or Is It Your Kid? Advocating for your child's school success by KJ Dell'Antonia

Homework! It’s the first thing we ask our kids about in the morning and the first point of conflict every night. Do you have it? How much? Is it done? When’s it due? Why didn’t you do that yesterday? It’s a burden for many families, and the research is clear: when homework is a struggle, it’s a stress point for kids and parents alike.

Whether you’ve got a kindergartener bringing home a “packet” every week or a high schooler with a heavy work load, sometimes you get the sense that something’s not right. As your evening hours spiral down the familiar drain of frustration, tantrums or work that seems endless, many parents find ourselves surveying our child’s homework and asking-is it the homework, or is it my kid?

New from New York Times journalist KJ Dell’Antonia, Is It the Homework, or Is It My Kid? helps you to answer that question, and then offers clear guidance to help you in advocating for your child’s school success. Don’t let homework ruin your child’s love of learning or your relationship with your child. You can make things better-here’s how.

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