See It First: R.E. Vance, Maaja Wentz, and Rex Sumner

See It First: R.E. Vance, Maaja Wentz, and Rex Sumner

We love introducing Prolific Works readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Prolific Works and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our fantasy genres!

Mythic Fantasy

Exclusive Keep Evolving by R.E. Vance

Keep Evolving by R.E. Vance

Things are starting to look-up for Jean-Luc. He’s dating Medusa, most of the Mythical Creatures now roaming Earth respect him and his new hotel has just been booked for the biggest event of the century. Sadly his good fortune takes a turn for the worse when his guests accidentally set off the apocalypse.

It seems that when the gods departed, they left behind their WMDs: Weapons of Mass Destruction—or rather, ATDs: Apocalypses of Total Destruction.

Now Jean-Luc is forced to face-off against Ragnarok, Revelations and a creature he’s pretty sure is the Kraken.

All in a day’s work in Paradise Lot.

Urban Fantasy

Blasted Bloomers by Maaja Wentz

Blasted Bloomers by Maaja Wentz

First date in magic underwear?

Tonya is shocked when the hunk of her daydreams asks her out. He must be toying with her, or is he? To make sure he likes her, Tonya snitches magic panties from the notorious Witch of Loon Lake. Will her risky plan end in triumph or disaster? Read this free urban fantasy book to find out. Expect a little bit of mystery, a touch of romance, and hair-raising suspense in this comic tale of Loon Lake magic.

Epic Fantasy

Exclusive Thief in the Night by Rex Sumner

Thief in the Night by Rex Sumner

Andy is a good soldier, a Pathfinder. But he is recovering from taking a spear through the thigh, so he is sorting the Border Baron’s armoury. Closing up one night, with security tightened for the King’s visit, he realises he isn’t alone.
There is something else in the armoury, and it isn’t human.
A prequel short story to the Harrhein series, exploring the early life of the Princess.
Set in a Europe 500 years ago, one of the northern countries.


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