See It First: Philip Harris, Al Macy, and Tim C. Taylor

See It First: Philip Harris, Al Macy, and Tim C. Taylor

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Space Opera

Exclusive Bottled Lightning by Philip Harris

Bottled Lightning by Philip Harris

One moment can change your life.

For husband and wife team, Alex and Lisa, the trip across the volcanoes of Mars is a chance to escape the monotony of life at Gale Crater. But now they’ve found something, or someone, and everything is about to change.


The Antiterrorist by Al Macy

The Antiterrorist by Al Macy

Satellites are disappearing one by one. Not exploding, not dropping out of the sky, just disappearing.

When the Hubble Space Telescope vanishes, Jake Corby is dispatched to figure out who or what is responsible. He’s used to solving problems for the FBI, but hunting down missing satellites? That’s a new one.

Corby must struggle to track down and thwart the terrorists yet stay true to the promise he made to his wife: “I won’t do anything heroic.” In the heat of the moment, he finds that it’s no easy matter to achieve both goals. Especially when the future of the United States space program is at risk.

Alien Invasion

The Battle of Cairo by Tim C. Taylor

The Battle of Cairo by Tim C. Taylor

After years of brutal alien occupation, Earth fights back. But to what end and whose agenda?

Tantalizing secrets buried beneath desert sands… a mysterious traveler with his own agenda… when a unit of Earth’s army is activated to strike hard at the alien enemy, they learn that nothing is what it seems on Hardit-occupied Earth.

This novelette is a great starting point for adventures in the Human Legion Universe. It is set before the Legion’s final battle, which you can read about in The Battle of Earth.


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  1. I love the freebies! Thank you so Much!! I’m retired and on a pension, so free books for me are such a treat. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to use Twitter. Please accept my most heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful writers who spent their time elaborating brand new stories that help us travel to other realms.

    1. We’re so glad you find our free featured books a treat! We also appreciate our authors and all their hard work. Happy reading!

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