See It First: Nick Jones, Odin Oxthorn, and T. S. Valmond

See It First: Nick Jones, Odin Oxthorn, and T. S. Valmond

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The Whisper Of Stars by Nick Jones

The Whisper Of Stars by Nick Jones

The year is 2091. With accelerated warming and global population out of control, the survival of humanity hangs in the balance. On the brink of extinction, science delivers one last hope. Human hibernation. Jennifer Logan is a tough cop in the newly formed Duality Division, tasked with enforcing hibernation. When she uncovers a memory, hidden deep within her mind, her belief in the system she protects is shattered. Together with an unlikely partner, and convinced that her past holds the secret to mankind’s future, she embarks on a dangerous search for the truth, one that rapidly turns into a struggle for her life.


Sleepless Flame by Odin Oxthorn

Sleepless Flame by Odin Oxthorn

How much havoc could one upstart young Upworlder create?

Thirty years after her exile from her homeworld, Nara was growing weary of the monotony of mercenary life: Do job for Company A, anger Company B, survive the inevitable retaliation. Repeat ad nauseam.

Most importantly, try hard not to piss off Galavantier Corp again.

Evading the reach of the ubiquitous Biotech enterprise in the shadows of the Undercity was easy enough. That is, until the unconscious body of the CEO’s heir lands at her feet.

Both ignorant of their mutual vendetta, the brazen noble offered a proposal: help him escape Uppercity, and he’d buy every tool of destruction her heart desired. But it was the danger that tempted Nara, not money.

As their business relationship evolves into a tenuous camaraderie, Nara is throw into the jaws of her most ruthless adversary. She must now decide what to do with her strange bedfellow – and hope to survive the aftermath.

Sleepless Flame is a faced-paced action-packed sci-fi story that features a nonbinary protagonist. Follow the exploits of a disgraced war criminal as they navigate a vibrant cyberpunk world full of corporate intrigue while using fascinating automated combat technology and computer skills. Great for readers who enjoy Bladerunner and Shadowrun games.

Space Opera

Exclusive Status One Agent by T. S. Valmond

Status One Agent by T. S. Valmond

Loyal agent, powerful telepath… and government experiment?

Telepathic Imperial agent Genevieve Sorel of Red Moon was a top-ranking combat agent until a mysteriously hidden memory resurfaces putting into question everything she’s ever known. In the hunt for the truth, she’ll be forced to make unimaginable sacrifices to save a friend.

This fast-paced futuristic conspiracy thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow Gena as she discovers new love, new family, and a dark secret that her forgotten memories hold. Once she learns the truth about her own origins will she be able to help those closest to her?


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