See It First: Michael Lindley, Jameel Sandham, and Burton Hersh

See It First: Michael Lindley, Jameel Sandham, and Burton Hersh

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Historical Thriller

The Seasons of the EmmaLee by Michael Lindley

The Seasons of the EmmaLee by Michael Lindley

An Amazon Kindle #1 selection for Mystery Thriller and Suspense.

One Grand Ship. Two love affairs, decades apart. An idyllic summer resort town torn apart by class struggles, tragic loss, betrayal and murder.

Jonathan McKendry, the poor son of a local boatyard owner in a 1940’s northern Michigan resort town, is falling in love with Emily Compton, the daughter of a wealthy family who summer in Charlevoix and own the grand ship, the EmmaLee. As class differences and family pressures threaten any hope of the relationship succeeding, a shocking crime shatters their dreams of being together and throws them into a desperate search for a brutal killer.

Police Thriller

Preview Impeccable by Jameel Sandham

Impeccable by Jameel Sandham

It’s strange. When you’re on a high, and it’s too good to be true, deep down you know shit will hit the fan. You just carry on going as if it won’t, but it always bloody does.

The police have raided the Whitehouse. Arlo’s been arrested. Terry wants his money.

As Tommy fights his way out of the mess, he reflects on how he got there in the first place. How at university he fell in love with Isobel. How he got into electronic music, partying, drugs, festivals… How he got into dealing because the Tories slit his mum’s throat. How he earned more money than he could have ever imagined. How he lied to everyone. How he got out of control.

And he asks himself, Was it all worth it?

Of course it f*cking was.

Political Thriller

The Hedge Fund by Burton Hersh

The Hedge Fund by Burton Hersh

The patriarch of the St. Petersburg contingent, Sylvan Landau, is a witty, mordant Jewish savant in his mid-sixties. Through investments in up-market real estate Sylvan has accumulated a fortune; when his new son-in-law’s father, Ramon Perez y Cruz, presents Sylvan with the chance to mortgage his best properties into a hedge fund Ramon controls and cash in on beach properties in Cuba when the regime relents, Sylvan cannot resist.


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