See It First: Michael D. Wright, Stephanie Damore, and Vanessa Luther

See It First: Michael D. Wright, Stephanie Damore, and Vanessa Luther

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Preview Electric Eel by Michael D. Wright

Electric Eel by Michael D. Wright

Veteran ex-black-ops agent, and cybersecurity expert, John Seal is brutal like John Wick, smart as Jack Reacher, and can disappear quicker than Jason Bourne.

John Seal is tasked with safeguarding the country’s vital electrical infrastructure from diabolical hackers. He is sent to Budapest on a routine intel gathering mission and inadvertently discovers a planned cyber attack is imminent. The target — US power grids!

With the risk of a terrorist attack on red alert, the Secretary of Homeland Security presses John to finish developing the software his agency is designing that detects unauthorized cyber activity and blocks an intrusion. But the code is incomplete.

Now, John is forced to hire a new software developer to expedite the process. A woman determined to prove her skills.


A Ring to Die For by Stephanie Damore

A Ring to Die For by Stephanie Damore

When your best friend is charged with a crime, you take the case. Even if it means taking down a killer.

Ziva’s bestie has been framed for robbing a jewelry store and it’s up to her to crack the case. The situation quickly turns deadly and suddenly a robbery is small potatoes compared to what Ziva uncovers.

Dive in to the world of Beauty Secrets and meet the characters in this fast-paced, whodunit mystery. A free preview to Book 1 in the series, MAKEUP & MURDER, is also included.


Preview Blind Eye by Vanessa Luther

Blind Eye (Preview) by Vanessa Luther

After enduring years of infidelity and a painful divorce, Rachel Davis has finally reclaimed her life. Gorgeous, intelligent and a tenacity to survive whatever life throws at her, she feels better than she has in a long time. At least until she gets involved with Eric Sinclair, a handsome but mysterious colleague in the throes of a nasty divorce. What starts off as a harmless friendship catapults into a sensuous affair filled with sex, lies and murder. When a life-shattering event threatens their relationship, Rachel finds her life spiraling out of control until she is forced to ask the question she fears the most. Just how well do we really know those around us?


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6 thoughts on “See It First: Michael D. Wright, Stephanie Damore, and Vanessa Luther

  1. Please do not mislead readers. Nowhere is it mentioned that the link for – “Electric Eel by Michael D. Wright”; is not for a complete ebook but only a preview.
    Please be upfront with what is being posted. I downloaded the ebook only to find out that it only contains a part of the ebook and for the full ebook I am redirected to Amazon.

    1. We’re so sorry about this. Thanks for pointing this out! We’ve updated the blog to label this book as a “preview” so our readers are not misled.

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