See It First: Meredith Medina, Amir Lane, and M. C. Glan

See It First: Meredith Medina, Amir Lane, and M. C. Glan

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Urban Fantasy

Twice Cursed by Meredith Medina

Twice Cursed by Meredith Medina

One minute I was minding my own business, just trying to get back to my dorm after surfing the Underground, and the next minute I was in the middle of a police raid with my would-be rescuer lying dead on the floor and the remnants of a strange occult ritual scattered all around me. This might sound like a typical Tuesday night, but for me, this was all kinds of crazy, and I was most definitely going to do my best to forget that it ever happened.

But what had really happened that night? I was just a student, an American overseas trying to get a year of study under my belt. This exchange program in London should be just what I need to propel me into the academic career of my dreams. Unfortunately, those dreams seemed to be slipping through my fingers…


Exclusive Cold: A Short Story by Amir Lane

Cold: A Short Story by Amir Lane

A vampire hunter becomes the hunted when a hell hound is on his tail.

Dark Fantasy

Exclusive Preview The Summoner by M. C. Glan

The Summoner by M. C. Glan

Will she choose the prophecy or her heart?

Cassandra is pursued by an Empian named Lharkin, who spawned vampires under the orchestration of the Dark Guardian of the Night Realm: she holds the key to a prophecy that can destroy the last of his kind. As she discovers her powers and the shocking truths of the Empians past, she questions who her real enemy is in this ancient feud. She joins Lharkin on a quest to a mystical temple, and vows to thwart the next war between the Empians and Humans.

Can she redeem Lharkin’s soul from the Night Realm before it’s too late? Or will she have to face the one she is falling for?


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