See It First: Max Sparrow, Holly Tierney-Bedord, and Valerie J Brooks

See It First: Max Sparrow, Holly Tierney-Bedord, and Valerie J Brooks

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Psychological Thriller

Borderline by Max Sparrow


This book is comparable to an “Alice in Wonderland,” in the way that it reads. A gay man, Charles, descends into complete insanity. His boyfriend of ten years, Trevor, stands by his side but life’s reality was slipping away for Charles. Nothing made sense and everything seemed dark and cold in his life. After his father died, he realized how cruel the hands of time were. His father’s death was the beginning of his fall to madness. The story depicts the circumstances he finds himself in and the struggles he is faced with. Was he a victim of mental illness or was there something more going on?

Contemporary Thriller

Exclusive The New Couple: A Short Story by Holly Tierney-Bedord

The New Couple

When a beautiful new couple moves in across from a lonely middle-aged woman, things get interesting.

Murder Mystery

Revenge in Paris by Valerie J Brooks

Revenge in Paris

Angeline Porter, a criminal lawyer, finds her sister Sophie dead from suicide and wearing a blue dress from Gerard Duverney, her French lover, and father of Sophie’s unborn child. Guilty that she didn’t protect her sister, Angeline seeks revenge. If anyone deserved better it was Sophie. Disguised as a journalist, she travels to Paris to murder Duverney.

Under the pretext of writing a travel piece on how to spend a Christmas holiday season in Paris, she entices him into accompanying her around the city, but finds that some things Sophie told her don’t add up. Plus, she has another problem—her growing attraction to the Frenchman. What is the truth? Can she murder him? Why did her sister kill herself? She’ll know the answers soon enough.


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