See It First: Martin Crosbie, A.J. Henderson, and Jen Blood

See It First: Martin Crosbie, A.J. Henderson, and Jen Blood

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Preview My Name Is Hardly by Martin Crosbie

Preview My Name Is Hardly by Martin Crosbie

A beautiful girl goes missing and may not want to be found,
A soldier is given his last and most important mission,
A vow is made to a dying friend.

In 1996, Northern Ireland is one of the most dangerous places in the world.
The government calls it a state of unrest, the people living there call it the time of “The Troubles”.

Gerald “Hardly” McDougall is a forgotten man. He’s abused, bullied, and left behind. The only escape left is to join the British Army. At first, he’s a reluctant soldier. Then, everything changes when tensions in Northern Ireland escalate and the Army need a man with a particular set of characteristics. Hardly’s assignment takes him into the heart of the troubles where he lives in the same houses as the IRA soldiers he’s fighting against.


A by A.J. Henderson

A by A.J. Henderson

A cop. A journalist. A match made in hell.

Detective Hudson is tired. Tired of his job. Tired of his friends. Just plain tired. The last thing he needs is to be saddled with a reporter who is so filled with enthusiasm she can barely sit still.

Hazel Dale has finally got what she wanted. The crime beat. Unfortunately, it means working alongside the worst human being she has ever met.


All the Blue-Eyed Angels by Jen Blood

All the Blue-Eyed Angels by Jen Blood

The “thoroughly addictive” first novel in the award-winning Erin Solomon mystery series. Reporter Erin Solomon returns to her hometown to investigate the alleged cult suicide she witnessed as a child, and is soon embroiled in a decades-old conspiracy that could have disastrous consequences.


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