See It First: M.L. Gardner, Suzanne Jenkins, Lacy Embers

See It First: M.L. Gardner, Suzanne Jenkins, Lacy Embers

We know Instafreebie readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog the best way for you to see it first every day! It’s Monday, and we’re starting off the week with the latest and greatest from our top romance genres!

Historical Romance

1929: Book One by M. L. Gardner

1929: Book One by M.L. Gardner

As Black Tuesday triggers financial despondency, three young couples in New York City must trade their lives of luxury for poverty, tragedy, and setbacks.

When Jonathan Garrett’s brokerage firm collapses on the day of the Stock Market Crash, he unites with his closest friends (and former business partners), Aryl and Caleb, to relocate, track down a low-paying job, and cultivate a new life.

As the three men toil in their laborious jobs, their wives, Ava, Arianna, and Claire, slowly adapt to life in a shabby, rundown apartment, learning to sew, cook, and clean. With the help of their former, outspoken, Irish maid, Maura, and a new, equally Irish friend, Shannon, the wives become even closer than before.

The couples’ rocky path leads to more turmoil, however, when a business rival, Victor Drayton, creates one disaster after another. From petty tricks to outright violence, Victor’s nefarious mind will stop at nothing to beat down Jonathan’s last glimmer of hope.

Despite everything, Jonathan and his friends are fixated on surviving.

Emotional and financial destruction nip at their heels, until finally, with a lucky twist of fate, they escape city life and begin anew in their hometown of Rockport, Massachusetts.

A story set in the past, 1929 is full of romance, drama, and humor. Vivid, expertly crafted characters make this novel more than memorable—1929 is unforgettable.

Mystery Romance

Exclusive Preview Slow Dancing by Suzanne Jenkins

Slow Dancing by Suzanne Jenkins

After midnight, a mysterious stranger appears at the edge of the woods and the peaceful life fifteen-year-old Ellen Fisher has with her beloved stepfather Frank is turned upside down. Small town gossip, jealousy and murder strive to tear them apart in a tale of secrets and unrequited love.


Nursing His Desire by Lacy Embers

Nursing His Desire by Lacy Embers

Nurse Almighty, Jenna Simpson’s fiery attitude and spunk was all that billionaire Reginald Oliver needed to see when he offered her the job as his mother’s caretaker. Little did he know, he’d get way more than he bargained for as she not only stormed in his life, but changed it forever. He’d never known a love like hers and no matter what lows his glamazon ex would sink to… he’d never let her go.


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