See It First: M.C. Bass, Linda Taimre, and L.J. Suarez

See It First: M.C. Bass, Linda Taimre, and L.J. Suarez

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Sci-Fi Thriller

Harbinger by M.C. Bass


If all of your beliefs about the world were erased in the blink of an eye. What would you do?

When Orion Society agent, Eli Cohen, faces true evil for the first time, it changes him forever. Everything he had based his life on was gone in the blink of an eye. He had ignored his father’s teachings when Eli was a young boy, but now they had all come true. As a result, his work is getting sloppy, and it might cost him his life, or worse, awaken something that has been dormant for over one-thousand years.

Dark Science Fiction

Onward by Linda Taimre


An eternal prison of mirrors. Deep voices from above. Hidden bodies and disguised forms. Pervasive darkness keeps them apart. How can they find one another? How can they be together?

By striving, ever onward.

An LGBTQI novella about love, with a sci-fi twist.

Anthropological Science Fiction

Emergence L.J. Suarez


What killed the human race? For eons, the truth of their demise has remained a mystery. Until now…

Dr. Ionne is an ambitious paleontologist with a promising career ahead of her within the Monad scientific community, but the young scientist is stricken by grief and guilt when an incident during an archaeological dig claims a loved one. Ionne is then given the opportunity of a lifetime to lead a team to an unexplored region that once belonged to a long lost civilization – the Homo sapiens. It is there that she will make the greatest discovery in her people’s history. But can she also discover how to forgive herself?


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