See It First: Louisa Lo, William C Markham, and Ward Parker

See It First: Louisa Lo, William C Markham, and Ward Parker

We love introducing Prolific Works readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Prolific Works and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our fantasy genres!

Paranormal Fantasy

Vengeance Be Mine by Louisa Lo

Vengeance Be Mine by Louisa Lo

Megan is a typical university student trying to figure out her place in the world, except instead of hoping to pass the bar or get into med school, she’s studying to become a licensed vengeance demon…

Supernatural Mystery

Preview Missing by William C Markham

Missing by William C Markham

Mason Gray, a former cop, has a knack for solving puzzles, but the corpse on his living room floor is a piece that doesn’t fit.

As the number one suspect, Gray races to find the killer before the cops can pin it on him. But the cops aren’t the only ones out to get him. Those responsible for the murder want him dead and will use any means necessary to put him in the ground…including vampire hit-men.

To survive, Gray must choose to go through the looking glass, wrestle with demons both figurative and literal, and put the bad guys in the ground first. But the price could be higher than he thought…the life of his best friend and mentor.

Historical Fantasy

The Power Doctor by Ward Parker

The Power Doctor by Ward Parker

In the Ozark Mountains, if you believe that magic can cure you, you call upon a power doctor. A young soldier about to be sent to the front in the Civil War asks a woman power doctor to keep him from being killed. She manages to tap into a power stronger—and darker—than she ever imagined.


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