See It First: Liv Rancourt, J.A. Clement, and Pamela Harju

See It First: Liv Rancourt, J.A. Clement, and Pamela Harju

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Exclusive The Clockwork Monk by Liv Rancourt

The Clockwork Monk by Liv Rancourt

The Clockwork Monk is a mystery the President herself asks Trevor to solve. She wants it, and Trevor’s her spy. An encoded message leads him to the residence of the Archbishop of Chicago, where his undercover role allows him to indulge in fine waistcoats and fancy cravats. Even better, he enjoys the thrill of dodging anarchists and propriety while engaging in a duel of secrets with the mysterious Father Stephen.

The good Father doesn’t act like a priest. Hell, Stephen may not be his real name. His broad shoulders and dark eyes are intriguing, and though Stephen’s clandestine agenda clashes with Trevor’s, danger just adds to the temptation. Between kisses, Stephen forces Trevor to admit his loyalty goes deeper than cheap excitement, turning a simple burglary into a test of his allegiance.

Historical Fantasy

The Locket by J.A. Clement

The Locket by J.A. Clement

A short festive story set some years before the On Dark Shores series.

Nereia, all of seven years old, is very excited. Preparations are underway for the celebrations in the gracious house on the cliff top, and her Mama and Papa have told her that this year for the first time she will be allowed to take part in the Yuletide ceremony – but there is mystery in the air…

Papa is away, and Mama is watching for every carriage that passes. Something is afoot… Nereia sets herself to find out what – or who – is the surprise that her father has promised her.

Dark Fantasy

In Your Blood by Pamela Harju

In Your Blood by Pamela Harju

Is blood stronger than friendship?

Lee and Jolly are band mates, best friends since birth and – unknown to those around them – blood brothers. Literally. They share some of the same dangerous blood.

When they fall in love with the same woman, Lee knows from experience that he’s not going to be the one that gets the girl. Is jealousy a monster Lee can’t handle?


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