See It First: Lee Hayton, Baroness Orczy, and Christopher Datta

See It First: Lee Hayton, Baroness Orczy, and Christopher Datta

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Murder Mystery

Preview Shattered Imprints by Lee Hayton

Preview Shattered Imprints by Lee Hayton

While an innocent man is executed a serial killer walks free.

Bretta Ariel works a job that few others have the stomach for—delving into the memories of deceased victims, searching for the scattered clues to identify their killers. A task that is as disrespected as it is dangerous.

But when a botched execution proves an innocent man was put to death, Bretta seizes the opportunity to prove her value. After all, the Bureau of Imprint Investigations has more than its reputation on the line.

Thousands of convicted offenders are seeking a judgement to render their initial verdicts unsafe. If Bretta can’t identify the correct killer before the clock counts down, the streets will seethe with men and women hungry to kill again.

Without even a firm identity for the murdered victim, can Bretta unravel the puzzle that those before her got so wrong.

Detective Mystery

Exclusive Lady Molly of Scotland Yard by Baroness Orczy

Lady Molly of Scotland Yard by Baroness Orczy

When her fiancee is falsely accused and the police are unable to find evidence to support his innocence, Lady Molly does the unheard of – she joins the police to improve their methods.

Lady Molly, like her fictional contemporaries, most often succeeded because she recognised domestic clues foreign to male experience. Her entry into the police is motivated by a desire to save her fiancé from a false accusation. Once her superior intuition has triumphed, Lady Molly marries and leaves the force.

This collection of short stories about Molly Robertson-Kirk was written by Baroness Orczy, who is best known as the creator of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

First published in 1910, Orczy’s female detective was the precursor of the lay sleuth who relies on brains rather than brawn.

Supernatural Thriller

The Demon Stone by Christopher Datta

The Demon Stone by Christopher Datta

The Demon Stone is a powerful supernatural thriller that leads you from the killing fields of Africa to the quiet Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. In braided narratives, Datta spins a terrifying story about the spiritual forces—both real and supernatural—that incite the basest, bloodiest and most frightening of human behaviors.

When Kevin volunteered to travel to a war-ravaged country in Africa to help out his childhood buddy, Bill, now a physician with Doctors Without Borders, he knew he might face danger. But he could not have envisioned the brief, nightmare encounter that would rob him of his friend, his principles, and quite possibly his sanity.


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