See It First: Kyla Stone, Andrenik Sergoyan, and Michael R. Underwood

See It First: Kyla Stone, Andrenik Sergoyan, and Michael R. Underwood

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Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Preview No Safe Haven by Kyla Stone

No Safe Haven by Kyla Stone

A gripping post-apocalyptic survival thriller for fans of Hunger Games and Wolf Road.

When a deadly pandemic ravages the country, Raven finds herself isolated at her family’s zoo. Using the skills her father taught her, Raven knows how to survive.

But the threat is just beginning. As the outside world collapses into chaos, a dangerous gang discovers Raven’s refuge. And they’ll stop at nothing to take what she has…

Psychological Science Fiction

Tin Monkeys by Andrenik Sergoyan

Tin Monkeys by Andrenik Sergoyan

Bill Singer is a horrible person. He drinks too much, takes too many pills, screws every woman he can, and has a general disdain for the human race not seen since Vlad the Impaler. His only saving grace is he’s incredible at his job—a special investigator with the FBI. But when Bill’s longtime partner and only friend is tragically murdered, his myriad vices are kicked into overdrive and soon even his decorated career winds up in jeopardy.

In an attempt to refocus the addled Agent Singer, he’s assigned a new rookie partner—a crafty idealist by the name of Anne Goodwin. If working copasetic with a woman isn’t alien enough, working with one smarter than him could prove downright disastrous! And their first assignment—arguably one of the most bizarre cases in the Bureau’s history—involves a missing Nobel Prize winning physicist who’s remains have turned up inside an aluminum foil wrapped, booby-trapped compound, deep in the remoteness of the Ozark mountains.

As they quest to discover the truth as to what befell the physicist, Agents Goodwin and Singer are lead headlong into a metaphysical world of impossible science and otherworldly possibilities with regards to the true place of mankind in the universe. What at first seems a case of a mad scientist fallen prey to one of his own outlandish experiments, soon proves to be something much more sinister—a revelation that will change Singer and Goodwin forever.


The Data Disruption by Michael R. Underwood

The Data Disruption by Michael R. Underwood

When Stories Break, You Send in the Genrenauts!

The Genrenauts are a group of story experts who travel to parallel worlds. Each is the home of a narrative genre–Science Fiction or Romance, Fantasy or Western–populated by archetypal characters and constantly playing out familiar stories. Their mission is to find and fix broken stories. But if they fail, the ripples from the story worlds will cause havoc and devastation on their home world. In this short story, the group heads to the neon and chrome world of Cyberpunk to find a missing hacker.


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