See It First: Jose G. Lopez, Daniela Pesconi-Arthur, and Brad Kalani

See It First: Jose G. Lopez, Daniela Pesconi-Arthur, and Brad Kalani

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Instagram Marketing That Sells by Jose G. Lopez

Instagram Marketing That Sells by Jose G. Lopez

After hundreds of emails, and thousands of downloads; Instagram Marketing That Sells: How To Go Viral is finally here.

The first book in the IMTS series was praised for being the only source of secrets the “marketing gurus” don’t want you to know; after all, a magician never reveals his secrets. That is, unless the magician values spreading knowledge over making money.

IMTS: How To Viral will hold to such standards. Covering (in detail) every single secret the “marketing gurus” don’t want you to know about how to go viral. Things like how to:

  • land on the Discover page
  • gain hundreds of followers a week (for free)
  • increase engagement
  • use secret hacks to “boost” posts (for free)
  • and much much more…

As was discussed in the first book, something huge is coming, that is just a few months


Exclusive Preview Mothers and Daughters by Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

by Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

“Mothers and Daughters” is the sequel to, and is about the strongest bond that can ever exist between two people: that of a mother and a daughter.

“Mothers and Daughters” will touch on this strong, yet delicate link, while continuing the story of Carolina, this time reminiscing with her mother about her childhood and teenage years. This will prove extremely valuable now that Carolina is also a mother to Valentina, a beautiful, smart, warm-hearted and spirited girl, who is the joy of the Cappucci-Lombardi household.


EXPIRED Experience Hawaii by Brad Kalani

Experience Hawaii by Brad Kalani

Experience Hawaii like never before!

Are you searching for the perfect Hawaiian vacation but don’t know where to start? Experience Hawaii: An Expert’s Guide to Hawaii’s Best Sights and Attractions has all of the information you need in one easy-to-follow guide. You could spend an endless amount of time researching the best sites on Hawaii’s various islands, but this guide has made it easy for you, highlighting the most exciting attractions and breathtaking spots so that you can get your money’s worth and squeeze everything in that you want to see.

This is a must-read for both seasoned travelers and those who are inexperienced with navigating new destinations. That’s because this eBook encompasses insider advice collected from the experts, including:

  • All of the best spots for sightseeing
  • Where you can go to see Hawaiian wildlife first-hand
  • Historical and cultural attractions
  • A high-level overview of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches
  • A list of sites on the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Molokai
  • State parks, monuments, and other must-sees
    Planning a Hawaiian vacation can be overwhelming! There’s so much to see! Luckily, you’ll have advanced access to information on all of the most interesting and glorious attractions that Hawaii has to offer. That way, you can plan your entire itinerary before you even land! Don’t go into your vacation unprepared; take the easy, foolproof approach to planning your getaway by consulting this guide to ensure that you’ll see all of the absolute musts across Hawaii’s islands.

Customize your perfect Hawaiian vacation with this guide! Whether you’ve already booked your flight or you’re simply considering a trip to Hawaii sometime in the future, you can’t go wrong with all of these insider tips on how to navigate these idyllic islands. By following this one-stop Hawaiian getaway guide, you’ll be prepared to conquer all of the best sites and activities so that you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing during your stay.

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