See It First: John G. Hartness, Alesha Escobar, and Katherine Bogle

See It First: John G. Hartness, Alesha Escobar, and Katherine Bogle

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Urban Fantasy

Ghosts & Gunpowder by John G. Hartness

Ghosts and Gunpowder by John G. Hartness

They’re the unlikeliest bunch of heroes you’ll ever meet. They aren’t the heroes you want, or even the heroes you deserve, but they’re the heroes you’ve got. Bubba the Monster Hunter, Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter, Count Dracula, and Lila Grace, a country ghost whisperer. Meet them in this collection from award-winning urban fantasy author John G. Hartness.

Ghosts & Gunpowder includes five short stories –
Redemption Song – A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Short Story
Rebirth – A Dead Old Ladies Detective Agency Short Story
High Fashion Hell – A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Short Story
Walk the Dinosaur – A Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story
Family Reunion – A Shadow Council Case Files Short Story

Paranormal Fantasy

House of Diviners by Alesha Escobar

House of Diviners by Alesha Escobar

Kelsey Jackson Diviner is a shaman–a walker between worlds, a healer and protector.

But when she witnesses a gruesome attack on one of her own, she must become a hunter and track down the monster responsible for disturbing the delicate balance between the human and spirit worlds.

In trying to navigate her day job as a therapist and help pain-in-the-ass ghosts cross over by night, Kelsey draws the attention of a clandestine paranormal society and a mysterious man who calls himself the black dagger god.

Dark Fantasy

Advanced Copy Queen of Thieves by Katherine Bogle

Queen of Thieves by Katherine Bogle

Ruthless commander. Cunning thief. Deadly blademaster.

Narra is a second generation thief raised in the Guild by her iron-fisted father. Growing up, she dreamed his death would free her, but when he shows up dead in the wreckage of a train destroyed by the Revolution, the happiest day of her life is ruined by one word: traitor.

Her father is accused of betraying the only thing she thought he ever really loved; the Thieves Guild. To prove his innocence, and remove the stain from her name, Narra will go to darker places than she ever thought possible and be forced to work with people she doesn’t dare trust.

If she fails, she’ll lose more than her sanity or her life.

She’ll lose the Guild.


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