See It First: John David Buchanan, L.C. Mawson, and Benjamin Douglas

See It First: John David Buchanan, L.C. Mawson, and Benjamin Douglas

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First Contact Science Fiction

The Edge of Nothing and Everything by John David Buchanan

The Edge of Nothing and Everything by John David Buchanan

Amelia was still screaming when the Nomad dropped out of the jump onto a desert plain and plowed to a stop in the deep yellow sand. They were bewildered by what just happened, and glad to be alive. They where they were.

Blackie didn’t want to alarm the others, but he suspected they were being followed. Nita was shocked to discover she had been misled about the death of her dad and brother, and she intended to do something about it. A centuries old dispute raged throughout the universe and before long they were right in the middle of it.

Wayne was sure something weird was about to happen, again. They would never have guessed a new traveling companion would join them. Now, they were going to have to make some tough choices. Both options were asking for a fight; one was downright crazy.

LGBT Science Fiction

Rebel by L.C. Mawson

Rebel by L.C. Mawson

Alex was genetically engineered and trained from birth to hunt magical beings, but she left that life behind for the love of an angel.

But when fate, and Alex’s former family, separate them, Alex is left with no choice. If she ever wants to be free – to stop running – she’ll have to turn and fight those who raised her.

The question is, can she do it alone, or will she have to trust her former friends and siblings who may very well be spies for the enemy?

REBEL is the first book in the Engineered Rebel series and is part of L.C. Mawson’s Snowverse.

Space Opera

Totaled by Benjamin Douglas

Totaled by Benjamin Douglas

Gavin Dolridge has the worst job in the Kuiper fleet. His ship perpetually sails in orbit beneath Saturn, collecting space-junk and keeping an eye on the border of the Old Earth Empire. In between bottles of scotch he babysits a crew of has-beens and a distant, solitary captain. The glorious life of an XO.

Officer Caspar graduated at the top of her class, but she’s as green as they come. Now she’s putting in her time doing a first tour on the junk ship, and it’s all she can do to keep herself motivated when the mission means nothing and the commanders don’t care.

But when the ship’s computer starts acting funny and alarms begin to blare, action ramps up on the border, and Dolridge and Caspar find themselves in grave peril. Can they confront their demons to survive?


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      1. Hi Stephen and Eleanor, the author of “Rebel” labeled this book as science fiction so we respect this decision and found it a fitting book to feature in this blog. We value our authors’ genre picks and felt it was the appropriate place to post this book here.

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