See It First: Jean Davis, Easton Livingston, and Aaron D. Schneider

See It First: Jean Davis, Easton Livingston, and Aaron D. Schneider

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Paranormal Fantasy

Destiny Pills & Space Wizards by Jean Davis

Destiny Pills & Space Wizards by Jean Davis

From a mermaid discovering the truth about the tense relationship of her parents to a thief caught in the middle of a politically charged epidemic on another world, this anthology has a little of everything for lovers of speculative fiction.

Wizards, dragons, spaceships, and fated futures, on my!


The Forest by Easton Livingston

The Forest by Easton Livingston

Hal Baker is overworked. He’s been burning the candle at both years at both ends for seven years and now it’s caught up with him. When stress and exhaustion overtake him at work, he’s ordered to take a break. Doctor’s orders. With prompting from his boss and friend, he, his wife Veronica, and his son and daughter– Sean and Donna–go on a camping getaway. It’s there he reconnects with his family and realizes what he’s been missing out on.

However, this blessing has an unexpected cost. Something strange is happening in Meechum Forest. Something odd. Something incredible. Something dark. That something is willing to let Hal and his family in…but not out. If Hal doesn’t find a way to escape, he may lose the family that he’s just rediscovered.

Military Fantasy

Exclusive War-Marked by Aaron D. Schneider

War-Marked by Aaron D. Schneider

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as monsters…

But for Lieutenant Lucius “Luce” Bollham, what everyone knows isn’t going to stop what’s coming after him.

Serving in war-torn Afghanistan has taken its toll, but when an operation goes sideways the young officer finds himself trapped under the mountain, in an enemy compound, the true test begins.

Alone, ill-equipped, and behind enemy lines, it would be enough to test any soldier, but it quickly becomes apparent that something much worse than insurgents is chasing him through the dark.

Luce will have to keep his skin and sanity intact if he wants to see daylight again.
After all, only crazy people think the monsters are out to get them.

Everyone knows that.


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