See It First: Jan Domagala, Herschel Stroganoff, and Destiny Hawkins

See It First: Jan Domagala, Herschel Stroganoff, and Destiny Hawkins

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Sci-fi Thriller

Ronin by Jan Domagala

Ronin by Jan Domagala

He stood on the Observation Lounge looking out at the vista of stars, waiting to die.

In the mid-25th century the galaxy is split between 2 superpowers, the Colonial Confederation and the Elysium Alliance who are locked in a never ending cold war.

Can a single soldier, the sole survivor of a secret program deemed too dangerous to continue turn the scales of power? This lone soldier must first decide whether to remain a pawn of his government or become a soldier with no master, a Ronin.

Humor Sci-fi

Exclusive Own Worst Enemy by Herschel Stroganoff

Own Worst Enemy by Herschel Stroganoff

Zapp Brannigan meets Archer in this darkly comedic space adventure.
When something goes wrong during a hyperwarp, Space Captain Herc Braveman finds himself in a mystical shop filled with ironically cursed items.
Picking a P.L.O.T. device that can destroy his worst enemy, Herc might have bitten off more than he can chew.
If you like hilarious space adventures in the vein of Golden Age sci-fi, you’ll love Herschel K. Stroganoff’s space comedy.
For fans of Archer, Rick and Morty, South Park, and Space Team. Get your copy today!

Horror Sci-fi

Exclusive Preview The Blood City by Destiny Hawkins

The Blood City by Destiny Hawkins

A city in flames…

That’s what it looked like from where I was sitting.

From the rooftop, I could hear a man screaming in agony from somewhere below. Through all the ruckus, I wasn’t exactly sure where he was, but I knew that he would be dead soon. No one screamed like their flesh was being torn apart for this long and lived. At least that’s how things went in Forge, and I didn’t think this place was any different.


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