See It First: J.P. Choquette, Really Rashida, and Richard Attree

See It First: J.P. Choquette, Really Rashida, and Richard Attree

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Paranormal Thriller

Preview Mansion in the Woods by J.P. Choquette

Mansion in the Woods by J.P. Choquette

Susannah and Vivian are in trouble. Stranded in the Vermont National Forest, the women aren’t sure what to do: leave their broken-down Studebaker in and try to find help? Or stay and wait for someone to come along?

When the friends discover a huge, mysterious mansion, they think Lady Luck is smiling on them.

Their hope turns to fear however, as they meet the strange owner of the home and its macabre contents.

Suddenly the forest isn’t looking quite as sinister as the mansion they’ve found…

Crime Thriller

Rags To Riches by Really Rashida

Rags To Riches by Really Rashida

The Cooper sisters are rocked to the core when their mother, Dana, announces that she will be going to federal prison. Genie, the eldest who is known as the evil one, plans to strike her mother while she is weak. Her undying quest for power leads her down a path that threatens to tear the family apart. Honey is Genie’s favorite but she can’t talk her sister off the ledge. She puts her quiet nature to the side and secretly declares war on Genie. This move causes a slow burning implosion among all of her sisters.
As the only boy, Henn, was always treated special. The prince of the Coopers has never wanted for anything. His last name has blessed him with easy money, women, and hood fame but, quite frankly, he’s bored to death. All of that changes when he meets Vanna, a free spirit that match


Too Close to the Wind by Richard Attree

Too Close to the Wind by Richard Attree

Nick has always been an outsider. Half Aboriginal, half Irish, he escaped from an impoverished fishing town in Western Australia. Now he’s running from a drug deal gone wrong, living like a ghost in the Canary Islands and his only friends are the wind and waves.

Windsurfing is his obsession, his escape from self-loathing. But now it’s payback time.

TOO CLOSE TO THE WIND is an incredible story of survival, an epic travel adventure, a dark journey into the unknown, and a celebration of wind, surf, and the human spirit.

The prequel story takes Nick to the day the novel begins—the day he should have drowned.


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