See It First: J. Mercury Jones and Sween McDervish, Ella Dominguez, and Josh Lanyon

See It First: J. Mercury Jones and Sween McDervish, Ella Dominguez, and Josh Lanyon

We know Prolific Works readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog the best way for you to see it first every day! It’s Monday, and we’re starting off the week with the latest and greatest from our top romance genres!

LGBT Erotica

In Like A Lion by J. Mercury Jones & Sween McDervish

In Like A Lion by J. Mercury Jones & Sween McDervish

March comes in like a lion at the Triple Hit MMA gym, in a stand alone follow up to Bearding The Lion.

Gym owner mensch Ken Kelly takes on all comers in an arm wrestling championship, while young reporter David Levy and upstart fighter Connor Ryan continue to play for advantage in their own ambiguous relationship.

In Like A Lion contains explicit MM and FM sexual content.

Reading Bearding The Lion not necessary to enjoy this standalone story. Approximately 8,600 words.

Contemporary Romance

This Love’s Not For Sale by Ella Dominguez

This Love's Not For Sale by Ella Dominguez

Written for mature audiences and contains kinky, graphic sexual encounters & profanity, bondage & discipline, domination and submission, loads of steamy verbosity, and an alpha male that’ll irk you, irritate you, then finally make you quiver, laugh and swoon.

A humorous & touching BDSM romance.

Tucker wants Lilliana’s land and her panties in his trophy case, and more to the point – her submission. She wants nothing to do with his BS, but it’s his domination that she can’t resist…

When the brutally honest and arrogant real estate mogul who is used to getting his way in all things meets the thirty-something year old opinionated and guarded dental hygienist, their chemistry and physical attraction to one another is undeniable. Realizing that Lilliana has inherited a large tract of land and is sitting on a real estate goldmine, Tucker sets his sights on trying to obtain her acreage at any cost – even if it means deceiving and buying his way into her heart. But Lilliana has no interest in falling in love or being pursued by a certain attractive yet overly-confident alpha male interested in her property and she can’t be bought.

Lilliana’s quick wit and no BS attitude throw the domineering Tucker into a tailspin. But she has a way of bringing out his humor and his hidden soft side. Tucker on the other hand knows just how to bring out her submissiveness. Just when things are heating up and he starts to fall for her, she discovers where his true motivations lie, tearing her heart in two and forcing her to seek sweet revenge the only way she knows how – by giving in to his deepest fantasy and toying with his emotions.

LGBT Romance

The Josh Lanyon Sampler by Josh Lanyon

The Josh Lanyon Sampler by Josh Lanyon

A nearly 100,000 word introduction to the gay romances and mysteries of Josh Lanyon.

Includes one complete short story, one complete novella and three partial novels.


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