See It First: J.L. Weil, Lucia Ashta, and K. Gorman

See It First: J.L. Weil, Lucia Ashta, and K. Gorman

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Urban Fantasy

Starbound by J.L. Weil

Starbound by J.L. Weil

FML is becoming Katia’s motto for senior year. Things couldn’t get any worse, or so she thought. After another uppity party that ends badly, she finds herself stumbling down the street with a broken heel. So when the guy she’s had a mad crush on since preschool offers Katia a ride, she couldn’t say no. But she should have. Seth Nightingale was trouble.

Seth just made the biggest mistake of his life, and there is no way to fix it. He kissed Katia Montgomery. What hell had he been thinking? The problem is, when Katia is around, his mind turns to mush. Torn between his affection for Katia and his desire to not die, Seth is forced to deal with the very thing he’s been avoiding his entire life.

A dark curse and deep-seated deception leads Katia and Seth closer to their ill-fated destiny.

Paranormal Romance

Spirit of the Spell by Lucia Ashta

Spirit of the Spell by Lucia Ashta

Some things are worth dying for. Others are worth living for again.

When Damien dies, Oliana is devastated. It’s understandable, he is her first love. She’ll cry and grieve and, eventually, she’ll move on, as she must—at least, that’s what an ordinary girl would do.

But Oliana isn’t ordinary. She’s a witch. And she isn’t going to accept Damien’s death without a fight.

With the power of the four elements at her disposal, she can do more than challenge death. The question is, what is she willing to sacrifice to get him back?


Into the Fire by K. Gorman

Into the Fire by K. Gorman

Magic. For Mieshka Renaud, the word is as foreign to her as space travel. Although three mages live in her city, fueling a defensive shield that keeps everyone safe from the Swarzgard-Westran War, her knowledge of them comes only from a brief spotlight in her high school curriculum–and, thanks to an inter-city move, she missed most of those classes.

In a single day, everything she thought she knew is thrown on its side.

She has magic, and soon the city will depend on her to use it.


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