See It First: J.B. Cameron, P.R. Adams, W.C. Hoffman and Tim Moon

See It First: J.B. Cameron, P.R. Adams, W.C. Hoffman and Tim Moon

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Flights of Fancy by J.B. Cameron

Flights of Fancy by J.B. Cameron

Join Captain Fancy and the crew of the Persephone as they take to the clouds in this riveting steampunk adventure.

The Great Atlantic Run is more than a passport to high-flying thrills and excitement; it’s a perilous two-day marathon over the ocean, where only the fast and strong survive. In a journey fraught with air pirates, rough weather and international spies, the risks are sky-high. The rewards, fame and fortune.

Take off on the voyage of a lifetime as you explore a grand world of flying ships, steam-powered machines, and incredible characters. Flights of Fancy is a fast-paced, unforgettable yarn as limitless and unpredictable as imagination itself.


Exclusive Into Twilight by P.R. Adams

Into Twilight by P.R. Adams

He’s always done the government’s dirty work.

But when he’s double-crossed by one of his own, the only mission he has left is revenge.

When a mole betrays Stefan Mendoza’s black-ops team, he survives months of torture before escape. His body may be irrevocably damaged, but the desire for vengeance keeps him going.

In exchange for cybernetic implants, Mendoza accepts a contract to assassinate a rising political star. But he’s not the only piece in play—other assassins are also gunning for his target. The deeper he digs, the more tangled he becomes in a sinister conspiracy that reaches far beyond the original betrayal of his team.

Can Mendoza exact his revenge and win his freedom, or will he spiral deeper into the twisted corruption?


Praying for War by W.C. Hoffman and Tim Moon

Praying for War by W.C. Hoffman and Tim Moon

In a future that feels suspiciously like the past, death is in the air.
Collin War wakes up in a bed that is not his own, in a body that feels changed. He is the first of his kind, the first to recover from a mysterious fever that has ravaged the world. Collin awakens in the small town of Goshen, Montana, a community struggling to survive while maintaining a faithful existence. He yearns for his lost family but finds himself drawn to the people of Goshen.Stepping into the leadership role he was destined for, Collin helps his new friends cope with loss, defend against the fever and battle outsiders seeking to destroy the town and all it stands for. But from the ashes of death comes the realization that not all savages live in the wild.


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