See It First: J. B. Cameron, CJ Harter, and Gabriel Beyers

See It First: J. B. Cameron, CJ Harter, and Gabriel Beyers

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Epic Fantasy

Preview Nightfall by J. B. Cameron

Nightfall by J. B. Cameron

War has engulfed The Realms. One sparked by the abduction of the vampire lord Raven’s young ward, a child whose mysterious powers are essential for his rule. The conflict between the undead master and those determined to end his reign will shake the foundations of his gothic kingdom. Armies of trolls, Minotaur, goblins and vampires will clash in a deadly battle for supremacy. With magic, might, and technology pitted against one another, the cost of defeat may be greater than anyone dared imagine. All that is certain is that nothing will ever be the same again, once NIGHT FALLS.


Exclusive The Haydock Haunting by CJ Harter

The Haydock Haunting by CJ Harter

“The Haydock Haunting: A Short Story.”

Imagine you lose your mind… and Something’s waiting to take its place.

Bereaved Isobel believes she’s haunted and is afraid she knows who’s doing it. But if she’s wrong, her mistake could cost more than her life.

This stand-alone short story also forms a chapter of new novel “Fitful Head: A Ghost Story.”

Universal link to Fitful Head: A Ghost Story:


Predatory Animals by Gabriel Beyers

Predatory Animals by Gabriel Beyers


When Casper Brown retired from the Marines, he wanted nothing more than to settle down to small town life with his family, far away from the wars of his past. But when people begin vanishing in the forest around his home, Casper realizes he has one more battle to face.

Casper’s concerns grow when his family adopts three stray dogs, each displaying an unusual intelligence and proficient knack for hunting. When the lurking evil turns its eye upon his family, Casper must lay down his fears, relying upon the three enigmatic dogs to protect those he loves.

All that stands between an unquenchable evil and the rest of the world is a retired Marine and three uncanny dogs. It’s time to hunt or be hunted.

PREDATORY ANIMALS is a high-speed, nail-biting paranormal thriller, with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Get PREDATORY ANIMALS today and join the hunt!


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