See It First: Holly Hook, Alec John Belle, and Jess Haines

See It First: Holly Hook, Alec John Belle, and Jess Haines

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Science Fiction

Drafted by Holly Hook

Drafted by Holly Hook

To save the world, Mars must invade Earth.

The Earth is dying, overrun with pollution that the government refuses to stop. 16-year-old Tess is a proud Earther who wants to save the planet, but the government would rather ship everyone to Mars by force.

And no one hears back from the Red Planet.

When Tess’s turn comes to board a one-way ship, she discovers a horrible truth: an alien race wants Earth for themselves. And Mars is a place where colonists struggle to survive. All Tess wants is to get back to Earth, but by running into Matthew, a fellow colonist with some secrets of his own, she gets wrapped up in a dangerous plan to do so: she must join an invasion of her former home. Tess has no choice but to face war. It’s her duty. She’s an Earther, after all.

Or is she?

Psychological Drama

The Long Road Home by Alec John Belle

The Long Road Home by Alec John Belle

Brooke never meant to survive, hoping that the suicide attempt would end all of her suffering. After years of rejection, pain, and heartbreak, she feels as though she’s not good enough for anyone. Now she’s stuck in a hospital, being forced to take antidepressants and is getting therapy for her issues.

And she hates it until she meets Matt.

Now Brooke must remember the past in order to better her future, while trying to keep her feelings for the new patient in check.

In this heartbreaking novel, a young girl will laugh, cry, and fight to find her way home to the one place that’s been ruined one too many times–her own heart.


Exclusive A Salamander for Solstice by Jess Haines

A Salamander for Solstice by Jess Haines

A machinist’s son dares to reach above his station for a better magical familiar than a lowly salamander.

A fantasy steampunk short story, complete at 7,000 words.


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