See It First: Harmon Cooper, J. Sharpe, and Ray Verola

See It First: Harmon Cooper, J. Sharpe, and Ray Verola

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The Feedback Loop (Box Set) by Harmon Cooper

The Feedback Loop Series by Harmon Cooper

Stuck in an online world, Quantum Hughes lives his days on repeat, fighting the same NPCs and playing out the same story line every day. Then he receives a message from an actual human player, his first message in two years, which sparks an adventure across online fantasy worlds the likes of which he could have never imagined.

Suddenly Quantum is taking on a murder guild known as the Reapers, riding dragons across floating continents, using steam-powered robots to battle enemies as tall as skyscrapers, and equally important — talking smack and backing it up with his vast inventory list of ridiculous guns and clever weapons.

The Reapers are hunting Quantum Hughes online and in the real world, but they’ll soon learn the hard way that Quantum won’t back down without a fight.


Eden – Part 1 by J. Sharpe

Eden-Part 1 by J. Sharpe

The new book by the dutch Stephen King!

“Angels: they’re among us. I would know. There’s one trapped inside of me. But the image you probably have of these “helpers of God” is wrong, I guarantee it. They are all maniacal assholes.”

Anna Meisner awakes, naked and afraid, tied to a chair in a dark room. Across from her sits a woman who is her spitting image. With tears in her eyes, the woman puts a gun against her head and kills herself. Anna is not found until days later and in a state of hypothermia, moments from dying. But when she wakes in the hospital, she finds that the police doesn’t see her as a victim, but as a suspect. It’s the beginning of a series of catastrophic events in which she has no choice but to play a part. Is this the end of humanity?


RobotWorld by Ray Verola

RobotWorld by Ray Verola

The year is 2075. Although it’s against the law for robots to hold positions of power in the government and in large corporations, they have managed to do so largely because of the efforts of RobotWorld–one of the largest corporations on the planet. RW has created sentient robots that can totally pass for human.

Taylor Morris, a human, has risen rapidly up the RobotWorld hierarchy and has earned a life of privilege. But he laments the fact that he’s had to compromise many of his personal values. When he goes too far in questioning RW’s negative impact on humanity to Sophia Ross, RobotWorld’s brilliant leader, he’s fired, then marked for death by the hidden government/RobotWorld complex.

Taylor eventually becomes homeless and goes on the run. But with the help of Roz Troward, a loyal co-worker who gets fired with him; Austin O’Connor, a wise old homeless philosopher, who may not be what he appears to be; and others, Taylor must match wits with the powerful government/RobotWorld complex to save himself, his associates, and maybe all of humanity.


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