See It First: Gwynn White and Erin St. Pierre, Ann Omasta, and KT Bowes

See It First: Gwynn White and Erin St. Pierre, Ann Omasta, and KT Bowes

We know Prolific Works readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog the best way for you to see it first every day! It’s Monday, and we’re starting off the week with the latest and greatest from our top romance genres!

Paranormal Romance

Queen of Extinction by Gwynn White and Erin St. Pierre

Queen of Extinction by Gwynn White

In Ryferia, magic is banned, and those who have powers suffer terrible consequences.

Princess Aurora knows her uncle murdered her brother, the king– yet she’s unable to prove it. Though she’s the rightful heir, she cannot claim the throne unmarried.

Aurora has thirty days to find a husband. Otherwise, the crown will be forfeited to her uncle, and her kingdom will fall.

A deadly trial will be waged, where the winner will claim the right to Aurora’s hand. Two contenders, a mysterious dragon shifter and a power-hungry incubus, have emerged as the top competitors. Both want Aurora for reasons that are entirely sinister. It’s a fight to the death—and it might just be Aurora’s.

But Aurora has forbidden magic… and if she is discovered, the people might slay her themselves before a wedding arrives.

Aurora will conquer her throne– even if it means unleashing her forbidden magic in her kingdom.

Contemporary Romance

Taking Chances by Ann Omasta

Taking Chances by Ann Omasta

Seth Davis is sweet and charming.
Sam Davis is a sexy bad boy.
Which hot and irresistible Davis twin will you choose?

Now is the time to find out by downloading this sizzling contemporary romance series that features the ultimate love triangle!

Cliffhanger alert: This book does end with a cliffhanger. Most readers report being so enthralled by the exciting storyline, they are anxious to continue reading the series. We wanted to give you a free way to start this series and let it capture your heart.

Spend the day (or night) getting to know the sexy Davis twins.
Who will you choose–#TeamSeth or #TeamSam?

Romantic Suspense

The Actuary by KT Bowes

The Actuary by KT Bowes

Rohan Andreyev is the last person Emma expects to meet at an old friend’s wedding and it throws her life into disarray. She made someone else a promise many years before; a pact forged for her own protection. She honours it by running from Rohan, just like she did six years earlier.

Emma isn’t the only one with secrets. Rohan’s are far worse. He’s The Actuary, a code name for his mercenary dealings in a business underworld few experience. His job is to neutralise risk, whatever that risk might be. He tracks people for a living and Emma’s never been hard to find. He just didn’t want to look. Now he does.

As Emma hides in her ruined rental house on an estate not even the police dare to visit, Rohan will seek her out and deliver the awful news. The help she’s waiting for just isn’t coming.


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