See It First: Greg Dragon, Lynda Filler, and Eileen Dreyer

See It First: Greg Dragon, Lynda Filler, and Eileen Dreyer

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Preview The Factory by Greg Dragon

The Factory by Greg Dragon

He always played by the rules.
But this time, all the rules are going to be broken.

Sick of being overlooked, underpaid, and unappreciated, Brian Jackson, decides he’s done playing “the good guy” and is ready for a ride on the wild side. But this ride might be a little more than he ever bargained for…

After a night at a seedy strip club and an encounter with an uninhibited stripper, Brian finds himself in a world of danger and deceit. Instead of running back to his safe world of button-downs and khakis, Brian delves deeper into a life of crime. Now it’s time for the newfound badass to take the reins of Tampa Bay.

Action & Adventure

Code Raven by Lynda Filler

Code Raven by Lynda Filler

The world’s most elusive billionaire.
A brain trust that cannot be controlled.
A warrior and a patriot.
After the brutal murder of Luke Raven’s wife and seven-year-old daughter, Luke disappears for several months. When he returns, get ready for the non-stop action of the Luke, Luci, Zach, RB, Maggs, and a cast of unforgettable characters who form the Raven Group.
The Code Raven Series is a page-turner, an action-packed adventure.
This is where it all began.


If Looks Could Kill by Eileen Dreyer

If Looks Could Kill by Eileen Dreyer

Chris Jackson has secrets. A wildly popular author of suspense novels, Chris hides away in the tiny town of Pyrite, Missouri, where she lives in a converted storefront and practices breaking-and-entering on local businesses. Most of the citizens of Pyrite happily claim Chris as their very own celebrity. But the new police chief, Al MacNamara isn’t one of them. Recently transplanted from the mean streets of Chicago, Mac hates mysteries. And Chris Jackson is a mystery. Then, the murders begin. Murders that look suspiciously like those in Chris’s books. Murders that escalate to a grisly stabbing that exactly mimicks a story no one has read except Chris, herself. With MacNamara’s help, Chris is forced to delve into the dark recesses of her past for answers. Is a madman stalking Chris?


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