See It First: F.R. Jameson, J.M. Poole, and Steven M. Roth

See It First: F.R. Jameson, J.M. Poole, and Steven M. Roth

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Preview Diana Christmas by F.R. Jameson

Diana Christmas (Preview) by F.R. Jameson

The opening chapters of F.R. Jameson’s brand new novel. Published now on Kindle Unlimited.

In 1959, Diana Christmas – the beautiful, vivacious redhead – was a major star in Britain. It was her moment. She was on the cusp of making it big in Hollywood. Then, she simply walked away from the limelight. Vanished from an industry that adored her.

Twenty years later, Michael, a young film journalist, arrives at her suburban home and discovers the still vibrant and alluring Diana. Between her sheets, he hears for the first time the reason for her disappearance – a tale of coercion, shame and blackmail.

Totally smitten, he promises to help her. But Michael soon finds that the past doesn’t let go easily…


Case of the One-Eyed Tiger by J.M. Poole

Case of the One-Eyed Tiger (Corgi Case Files #1) by J.M. Poole

When a shocking murder shatters the tranquility of a sleepy Oregon town, all fingers soon start pointing at new resident Zack Anderson.

Determined to clear his name, Zack sets out to solve the case with the help of a feisty canine companion with an uncanny ability to sniff out clues.

With evidence mounting against him, can Zack identify the killer before he ends up in the doghouse?


Mandarin Yellow by Steven M. Roth


Why would a burglar break into an art gallery and steal an historic fountain pen [known as the Mandarin Yellow] worth $2,200, but leave behind hundreds of other artifacts and works of art worth tens of thousands of dollars each?
And why would someone else later commit murder to protect the burglar’s secret?

These are some of the questions that Socrates Cheng, an American of Chinese and Greek descent, must face as he is reluctantly dragged into the investigation of the burglary by his girlfriend’s father, the notorious head of a Washington, DC, Chinatown criminal Triad.


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