See It First: David P. Tangredi, PJ Gilbers, and Milissa L. Story

See It First: David P. Tangredi, PJ Gilbers, and Milissa L. Story

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Metaphysical Science Fiction

Journey to the Temple of Ra by David P. Tangredi

Journey to the Temple of Ra by David P. Tangredi

“The Return” has been prophesied for millennia. The very year predicted now approaches. And THEY have been formulating a plan…

A young traveler wanders into a village unaware of the guidance that led him there. His life is about to change. The journey that ensues takes him to distant lands, myriad teachings, and diverse cultures. However, the perpetual turning of the Wheel of Fortune keeps karma and justice in check. Not even the Gods can control or predict its mysterious ways.

Teachers and mystics have been prepared for him, but much healing is needed to resolve his past. And his calling is grand. Will he hear and heed the messages given? Does he have the endurance to complete the Journey to the Temple of Ra and unveil his life purpose?

First Contact Sci-fi

The Chi by PJ Gilbers

The Chi by PJ Gilbers

A former space trash barge pilot from Fidea. A planet munching space monster, the Chi. The numbers don’t look good. 89 agents dead. Evidently he’s number 90. A 7% chance of survival. Thousands dying.
Life was tough enough before the Chi. Bax, a scorned, planet-exploding ice queen. Now Briana, the terra forming woman who changed his mind about never falling in love. Relationships can be difficult.
Can a rogue like William save his planet and the millions who are on the edge of death? Can he really trade his slippers for space boots? And, if he does, is Fidea ready for him?

Space Opera

Exclusive The Gunrunner by Milissa L. Story

The Gunrunner by Milissa L. Story

Maggie Gray is a newly minted Federation Intelligence assassin. Her assignment is to infiltrate the inner circle of a suspected weapons dealer and report back to her handler. But, when things start to go sideways Maggie must use her new skills to survive and get back to Earth.


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