See It First: David DeLee, John Russell Fearn, and K.N. Mings

See It First: David DeLee, John Russell Fearn, and K.N. Mings

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Preview With Intent to Deceive by David DeLee

Preview With Intent to Deceive by David DeLee

Winner of the 2015 Best Indie Book Award in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller.

Rhona Hasen says she didn’t kill her husband. The police say otherwise.

Still, Sheriff’s Deputy Suzie Jensen wants to believe her. Yet her efforts to investigate the murder go awry when Ro skips bail and GracedeHaviland–Columbus, Ohio’s top bounty hunter and Suzie’s best friend–takes the case.

Now pitted against her best friend in a race against time and with a deadly street gang out for blood, can Grace unravel the mystery of Rhona’s husband’s death in time to stop more murders–like Suzie Jensen’s and her own.


Navajo Vengeance by John Russell

Navajo Vengeance by John Russell Fearn

When Cal Rutter and his partner Smoky Jones are used by the corrupt sheriff as scapegoats for a spate of murders, they’re exiled from the town and warned never to return – on pain of death. But when they come across an ancient Navajo burial site full of gold, Cal seeks revenge on those who’ve wronged them.

Teaming up with Navajo chief Chewonokee, they disguise themselves and re-enter the town of Desert End for some good old fashioned revenge…


Into The Black Widow’s Web by K.N. Mings

Into The Black Widow's Web by K.N. Mings

Audra Kellman is found dead in a place that is said to be where demons cross over to the human world.

Now Three People Want To Find The Killer.

The head of an underground narcotic distribution ring. The CEO of an influential group of companies. And a reluctant private investigator who is more interested in finding out the true identity of the person who hired him than finding out who killed the innocent woman execution style.

As D’Angelo Marshall, a private investigator who walks on the razor edge of the law, investigates the case he finds himself caught up in a web of secrets. And the case takes him in a new direction that would change his life forever.

Now caught in the Black Widow’s Web, will D’Angelo fight his way free… would he want to?


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  1. All three of the books in this mailing sound like really good reads. I will spend the next few days reading these books. Thank you very much for the interesting books.

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