See It First: David Boiani, Charles Geoffrey, and Holly Sheidenberger

See It First: David Boiani, Charles Geoffrey, and Holly Sheidenberger

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Psychological Thriller

A Thin Line by David Boiani

A Thing Line by David Boiani

What if a man lost his moral compass between right and wrong, good and evil, mental stability and insanity?

John Corbin has been investigating, catching, and convicting murderers, rapists, and pedophiles for twenty years as a Seattle detective. But lately, someone has been beating him to the punch and eliminating these vile criminals before he can apprehend them. John is learning that there is a thin line between innocent or guilty, good or evil, alive or dead.

By definition, a thin line is a very narrow division between two alternatives. Some being exact opposites, while others are separated by the narrowest of threads. This novel follows this definition to the letter. In life, many situations aren’t just black or white. There is usually a modicum of grey to fill in the space. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is good? Who is evil? Perhaps everyone at one time or another lies somewhere in the middle….

Military Thriller

Balance of Trust by Charles Geoffrey

Balance of Trust by Charles Geoffrey

Terrorists plan to kill millions of innocents in the U.S.
Jerome Bender is the last man who can stop them.

Called back from the hellish landscape of Afghanistan to join the covert Blackhood Ops group, Special Ops veteran Jerome Bender is immediately thrust into action in Canada for Operation Hellfire.

Bender and his team navigate wilderness to attack a small cabin, where sophisticated terrorists are planning a deadly threat. Expecting poorly-prepared jihadis, the Op quickly falls apart.

Worse, Bender faces an overwhelming desire to save an innocent child. He knows what his orders are, he’s just not sure he can follow them. Millions of lives hang in the balance, along with Bender’s conscience.

But it doesn’t look like he’ll make it through the day…

Domestic Noir

Related By Blood by Holly Sheidenberger

Related By Blood by Holly Sheidenberger

Some bonds aren’t meant to be broken.

On a chilly fall day outside Seattle, Cleo Tait is hoping that her undefined relationship with Harris Cox, the son of a U.S. Senator, will finally become official. Heading to a secluded lake for the day, their plans are interrupted by a shocking accident. Usually aggressive and in control, Cleo is unnerved by Harris’s disturbing calm as he covers up the evidence of their crime with the help of his politically powerful father. Entrapped into secrecy, she ultimately loses the thing she loves most.

Fifteen years later, Cleo still hasn’t recovered from that devastating day. Obsessed with getting back the life she lost, she makes an impulsive decision that changes everything . . .


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