See It First: D.M. Cain, TR Cameron, and Craig Andrews 

See It First: D.M. Cain, TR Cameron, and Craig Andrews 

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Sci-Fi Thriller

The End by D.M. Cain

The End by D.M. Cain

Wayne Dixon, a middle-aged bachelor, is cursed by voices echoing inside his head. They tell him that soon the world will end. It is his duty to the human race to tell as many people as possible that the end is approaching, but nobody will listen to him.

As the end gets nearer, will he convince them to join him or will they all be doomed?

Military Science Fiction

The Suicide Run by TR Cameron

The Suicide Run by TR Cameron

The Destroyer Lubyanka. Undefeated. Undefeatable.

Cadets Anderson Cross and Kate Flynn face the ultimate rite of passage: taking on the Lubyanka. Countless others have tried. Countless others have failed. Now it is up to them. Together, they will try to overcome the undefeatable enemy.

The Suicide Run is the start of the adventures of Cross and Kate, which will continue in the 5-book Chaos Shift Cycle, debuting in August 2017. If you like military science fiction, rocket-paced adventure, and a dash of sarcasm, the Chaos Shift Cycle is for you!

Download The Suicide Run today and get the first story of this epic science fiction adventure!

Space Opera

Exclusive Preview Wings of Honor by Craig Andrews

Preview Wings of Honor by Craig Andrews

Humanity is at war. A traitor’s son is our final hope.

From inside the Sol Fleet’s powerful capital ships, drone pilots wage space battles thousands of kilometers away. Their success is unparalleled, and for years they have driven the alien Baranyk horde back.

Callan “Coda” O’Donnell lost his father to the war, but not before he tarnished the family name forever. Dreaming of restoring honor to his family, Coda joined the Terran Fleet Academy to become one of these pilots.

But when news about a new alien weapon arrives from the battlefront, Coda is thrust into a special starfighter training program that brings him face-to-face with the alien enemy—and his own personal demons.

Wings of Honor is the perfect mix of Ender’s Game and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Start flying today!


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