See It First: D. E. Chapman, Danielle Annett, and Stevie Collier

See It First: D. E. Chapman, Danielle Annett, and Stevie Collier

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Preview Fractured Past by D. E. Chapman

Fractured Past by D. E. Chapman

Alanna isn’t sure who she is anymore, let alone what she is.

After the experiments she was forced to undergo, she’s cursed with a power she can’t control. Now, Alanna must seek out the very species that ruined her life; the talnarins. These creatures are capable of doing things no human can do, but she’s desperate for their help.

Alanna finds herself in an unknown world, her very existence a threat. Now she needs to prove her innocence or she stands to lose her entire life’s purpose… revenge.


Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett

Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett

Blood is going to spill…

I just hope it won’t be mine.

After two weeks of searching, I found the seven-year-old I’d been hired to find too late. His body broken and discarded. Dead.

My boss doesn’t want me to hunt down his killers. It’s too dangerous.

But the Pacific Northwest Pack steps in, hiring me to bring the bastards to justice.

Turns out the kid was half shifter. And shifters don’t abandon their own.

In a search that takes me through the maze of shifter hierarchy and the depths of the paranormal underworld, these killers underestimate how determined I am to mete out their punishment. Vigilante justice is the only kind these people understand.

Yes, blood will spill. And I’m determined it will be theirs.


Exclusive The Awakening by Stevie Collier

The Awakening by Stevie Collier

An ancient dark energy is trapped underneath a stone sealed by sorcery.
A young boy by the name of Zygah, hated by his father and brother, is sent to hunt a dangerous beast. Things go terribly wrong, leaving him mortally wounded. He has two options: He could die… or… He could allow this parasitic evil to come into him. To save him. To control him.


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  1. I appreciate all of the authors offering their books on the Instafreebie and other sites. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and as a result I am in a great deal of physical pain. As a result, I read…..a lot, Thank you all so much.

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