See It First: Cinzia De Santis, Steve Wetherell, and Andrew Vaillencourt

See It First: Cinzia De Santis, Steve Wetherell, and Andrew Vaillencourt

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Anthropological Science Fiction

The Guide of Time by Cinzia De Santis

The Guid eOf Time by Cinzia De Santia

The elderly editor, beard now largely grey, was staring at the document in his hands. For the first time in his publishing career, he was lost for words. In the chair opposite him, a woman was smiling at him, almost as though she was enjoying his discomfort. He raised his eyes and frowned at her. Her name was Ariane Claret.
—Is all this true? I mean, did it really happen?
—Yes, it’s true —she said calmly.

The Guide of Time is a fascinating journey through human history and also a timeless love story.

Sci-fi Horror

The Torso Farmer by Steve Wetherell

The Torso Farmer by Steve Wetherell

Dyson is a torso farmer, which is perhaps not the worst job in Valhalla. However, a lifetime behind the fork is about to take its toll, and Dyson is about to learn a terrible truth. Even in a world of constant horror, things can always get worse…


Escalante by Andrew Vaillencourt

Escalante by Andrew Vaillencourt

There’s a stranger in town, and he just wants to be left alone.

But Dockside doesn’t like strangers, and the dirty old town never leaves anyone alone. Not emotionally scarred top-secret ex-army cyborgs, and certainly not good cops with bad habits.

Join New Boston’s most famous fixer for his first week in the most dangerous part of town. All he wanted was a quiet place to hide, but now he has to team up with the last good cop in Dockside if they expect to stop a gang war and protect the hard-working folks just trying to make an honest living.

It’s good cop vs, bad cop, gang leader vs. mobster, and Roland Tankowicz vs. everybody in a high-stakes contest for control of Dockside. He may be brand new to the job, but the smart money is on everybody’s favorite Army surplus cyborg as he doubles down on the deadliest game in Dockside:



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